Your ticket includes delicious vegan food, snacks and teas for the three days. The event is limited in size so get your tickets soon.


General Release – £219.00

Early Bird (until April 9th) £164.00

Second Release (Earlyish Bird) until April 24th £184.00

Third Release (until May 23rd) – £197.00

Fourth Release (until June 12th) – £208.00


Single Day Tickets

Friday – £99 – includes lunch and supper and workshops and celebrations

Saturday – £132 – includes breakfast, lunch and supper and workshops, celebrations, bands and DJs

Sunday – £88 – includes breakfast and lunch and workshops and celebrations


Extra Information

If you need a cheaper price please contact us as we want everyone to be able to attend.

If you are financially abundant, please consider paying the higher price to help us offer reduced prices for young adults on low income.

5% of the ticket price goes to the Social Nest who help new grassroots movements (like us) grow.

Your ticket entitles you to one year’s free membership of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN). **

There are no helper tickets as everyone is a helper. The ticket price is so affordable because it is generously subsidised by The SMN. It includes all food, snacks and teas, a luxury outdoor festival venue and outstanding workshops and contributors.

No refunds will be given after 30 days before the gathering.


Thank you so much for supporting us to inspire the next generation!

The ticket price is kindly subsidised thanks to generous funding from a number of benefactors (The Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) Joshua Dugdale, James Mermagen, Ben Gross and Jon Ross. Thanks are given to The Scientific and Medical Network for its grant to help fund the event and for giving those attending free membership of the SMN for a year. (This event is devised and delivered by Ben Gross as an independent event organiser).

Thanks are also given to each and every contributors who offer their work at greatly reduced prices in service of this project. For a comprehensive list of these generous people please see the contributors pages). However in particular we would like to thank Mac Macartney, Nick Mulvey, Bruce Parry, Ravi Freeman, Chris Park, Sean Delahay, Jethro Tanner, Jodie Louise-Sullivan, Zak Avery, Roberto Reghelini, Emma Suertes, Georgia Francis, Maria Payne Vlahogiannis, Lindsey Vandita Spinks, Rose Broderick, Dr Oliver Robinson, Isla Talbot, Erika Tourell, Kristina Evans, Chris Fitchew, Rita Hraiz, George Barker, Moshe Halperin, Ed Colville and Rine Golan.

*If you cannot afford the full price ticket be sure to get your Early Bird ticket ASAP. If you cannot afford the Early Bird Ticket please email us as we want to enable everyone to come to to to the gathering.

** Free Membership of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN)

Your ticket will entitle you to one year’s free membership of the SMN. The benefits of membership include access to an extensive collection of talks, book reviews and several discussion forums. The SMN is a forum where people can meet, discuss, and explore topics of mutual interest in the area of post-materialist science and evidence-based spirituality. Membership gives the opportunity to attend SMN conferences and local events at reduced rates, as well as access to the acclaimed Paradigm Explorer magazine published three times a year, delivered as an eMagazine.