13th September 2019

Wider Horizons is being held at Wasing Park in a beautiful glade in ancient woodland surrounded by wild swimming lakes, ancient woodland and wildlife, just 45 minutes from London. Workshops and gatherings will be held in a giant yurt and a magnificent stretch marquee.

You are welcome to bring your own tents, caravans or campervans (Tents can be bought cheaply).  Alternatively, boutique bell tent accommodation is available (Click here for more info). Heated outdoor showers will provide for an authentic woodland experience. Culinary delights will be prepared in an outdoor kitchen by our experienced outdoor chef  and the ticket price is inclusive of food for three days. All meals will have vegetarian and vegan options. Evening celebrations will involve music, singing, drumming and dancing around the fire. Bring instruments, drums, percussion and dancing feet.


The workshops are designed to help you open new parts of yourself.  The contributors include professors, doctors, lecturers, shamen, artists as well as other practitioners from a variety of healing disciplines. You are able to choose from a diverse programme that includes lucid dreaming, expressive dance, individual and group healing, shared story-writing, martial arts and sacred singing. As well as learning new skills, you will have opportunities to explore questions about who we are and the mysteries of consciousness and our relationship with the physical world. Alternative views of the nature of mind and the universe will be presented for you to experience.

The vision quest combines an inward journey into yourself and an outward journey into nature. It involves finding a space in nature to meditate and receive a vision of what to let go of and what to bring into your life to liberate and empower you in your progress into adulthood.

The rite of passage ritual is being led by students on the Alef Trust Transpersonal Psychology Masters (https://www.aleftrust.org/). It will be a sensory journey in the woods, culminating in a celebration around the fire.

Select a day to see the programme  (Tilt to view on mobile phone).


Time  Yurt Stretch Tent or Glade  Geo Dome
9 Arrival and  Refreshments
10 Ben, Olly, Rina and Zak


11 Refreshment break
11.15 Ben Ben

Vision Quest and Thread Ritual

1 Lunch
2 Charlie Morley

Lucid Dreaming

Mac Macartney

Pledge to Life

3.15 Refreshment


3.30 Erika

Sufi Dance


Playing and Fooling

4.45 Refreshment break
5 Zak Avery

Channeling Prana and controlling the mind

Jimena Paratcha

Align and Expand

6.15 Break
6.30 Geoff Greentree

Sweat Lodge

Rita Hraiz

Shamanic Realignment

7.45 Supper
8..30 Late supper for sweat lodgers
9.00 Ben Ben, George, Moshe, Nick

Singing Circle


Time Yurt Stretch Tent or Glade Geo Dome
8 Erika Tourell


9 Breakfast
10 Danny Gross

Changing Climate Change

Gabrielle Rutherford

A celebration of indigenous voices and views.

11.30   Refreshment break
11.45 James Mermagen

Wand Making and Celtic Magic

Dr. Amit Ranjan Biswas

Screen Alchemy;  Navigating life transitions

Erika Tourell

Mindful massage and connection

1 Lunch
2 Louis Weinstock

The Magic Power of Grief

Mark Mabon

Muses and Urges

3.15 Refreshment break
3.30 Kristina Evans

Cacao Ceremony


Female Rites of Passage


Tobacco Ceremony

4.45 Refreshment break
5 Jen McCarty

Ancestral Trauma Clearing

  Bruce Parry

Male Rites of Passage

6.15 Supper
7.15 Mira Khanya and Tom Morley

Movement Medicine (in Fancy Dress) and Drum circle


Time Yurt Stretch Tent or Glade Geo Dome
8 Tom Peto

Zen and the Heart of Archery

9 Breakfast
10 Dr Olly Robinson

The Great Mystery

Professor Marilyn Monk


11.15 Refreshment break
11.30 Cleo Broda

Life Maps

  Rachel May

Write your present

12.45 Lunch  
1.45 Zoe Cobb

The Flocking

2.45 All contributors

Grounding Circle

4 Pack up tents, tidy camp and leave no trace.  All are welcome to stay for clean up and leave by High Noon on Monday.



NB Programme may change slightly

Contributors and workshops further info

What to Bring

Essential things to bring:

Fancy Dress (for Saturday night)

Tent, bed roll, sleeping bag, pillow
Torch and spare rechargeable batteries
Biodegradable soap, shampoo and toothpaste
Cup, bowl, plate and cutlery
Water bottle

Consider bringing:

Headtorch, pen knife
Small rucksack / hand bag
Sheepskin/hardy cushion
Musical instruments


Wider Horizons is a consciousness raising event so we have some agreements we ask you to support. These are – no dogs, no drugs or alcohol, no mobile phone use in the gathering area, no photography, no chemical soap (biodegradable soap will be provided by sinks, but please also bring your own for showering), keep your cup, bowl and spoon with you and keep them clean, if you bring candles make sure if you light one that you put it out, no personal fires, if you smoke please bring a portable ashtray, leave no trace (be conscious of where you put rubbish – there will be different rubbish bins for compost, recyclables, glass and land fill), no cars in the camping area – you can drive on and drop your stuff off, but then please take your car to the car park.

Looking forward to seeing you at Wider Horizons 2019!


Tickets are £144.

Delicious food is included in the ticket price.  There will be vegan and vegetarian options every meal. Prices are subsidised thanks to generous funding for Wider Horizons gratefully received from the Scientific and Medical Network.

This event is limited in size and will sell out.


It helps us if you get your ticket early too!

(Now is the time.)