Adam Frost

Open Floor Conscious Dance

My biggest passion for the last ten years has been Conscious Dance. It provides a space in which I can spontaneously find deep connection with others and myself. It is my greatest source of empowerment.

Sat 31st Oct – 7.30pm

I joined the first wave of Open Floor trainees in 2015 and became a qualified teacher in September 2017.

In day to day life, movement is what our body does for us. It facilitates our getting things done. I turn this round and invite dancers to give their body the gift of movement.

Open Floor: In Our Bodies Apart, In Our Hearts Together

Moving together, even if separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, we can build a feeling of togetherness. We can gain a sense that we are in fact not alone.

I’ll play music and give light guidance. You may choose to leap around wildly for some or most of the session or lie down and move very little for the whole of it. Or something between those extremes. All of these choices are absolutely perfect. The key to getting the most from conscious dance is to stay present– and the instruction I give will be to support you in this regard.

One of the core values of Open Floor that speaks directly to my heart is Move and Include. This means we acknowledge all that is going on in our world and bring it into our physical expression – and from that point we move with our emerging feelings. Those goings on in our world can be big or small, filled or only slightly tainted by sadness, joy, grief, excitement, anger, fear, confidence, shock, uncertainty, relief on any of that infinite multitude of feelings at the core of this experience we have of being human.

Move and include is a value that holds a lot of power in our current times when it is oh so easy to get stuck in our mind and immobilised due to the inability of the mind alone to respond adequately to the vastness and complexity of the challenges we face in the world we have created.

So through our digital interface, we will move together and include the light and the dark in our world, our lives, our bodies, and we will celebrate our freedom to move with it all.