Alex Szepietowski

Allowing Abundance & Alchemising Heart Ache

Living a life of abundance is so much more than just money. How can we allow MORE of everything that matters to us into our lives, so that we can experience deeper presence, joy, freedom & fulfillment?

This workshop enables us to explore the unique desires and passions which have been planted in our hearts. And then shine a light on the outdated beliefs and ways of being which, by still clinging onto, are preventing us from experiencing life in the way we are now ready to!

Participants often report discovering more peace in the present moment, hand in hand with more clarity and empowerment on their path ahead.

Finding the sacred in everything we do… Aligning with our hearts desires … and allowing these dreams to be birthed into reality!

Meditation demystified

We start by exploring meditation practices and the futility of us seeking enlightenment. Through a led discussion and group dialogue we’ll discover greater compassion for ourselves, and perspective on the way we’ve been relating to life. You’ll discover all the answers from within and we’ll end with a guided meditation – giving the opportunity to discover the sacred in this moment and to drop into the ordinary miracle of the now. What to bring – things for a guided meditation.

Suggested to bring: Pillow, blanket, yoga mat, eye mask, meditation cushion.


Alex sought happiness chasing money, fame, romance, fitness, food…

Eventually realising the futility, he embarked on an odyssey, an inner journey – which led him to live and learn with different indigenous peoples and spiritual teachers around the world.

The peace & fulfilment Alex so desperately sought was, and is, always available, and Alex continues the lifelong work of bringing that which is blocking him from accessing this into the light. His experience of life has transformed, and he loves to share this message with others. He supports his clients and friends to clarify and align with what their heart truly desires & with a smile on their face, to birth these dreams into being.

Alex was able to retire in his mid 20’s and his TEDx talk ‘Design Your Dream Life’ has over 3M views

“Magical… It is my delight and honour to be able to thank you for gifting me with your time and your whole, full presence. I feel deeply nourished. The bodily effect of spending hours with you is tangible. You’re helping me find my peace and complete joy now, today… Thank you for being a blessing to me ♥️”
Laura-Jane Baxter

“Alex is a beautiful gift – a man of magic, wonder, humility, light and courage. He reaches right into the depths of my soul, touches my heart and inspires me like no other person I have ever met.
Alex appeared during this meditation expressing the most beautiful energy I had ever been in the presence of. It’s like the whole world lit up in one expressive moment. His energy radiated with a shiny, dazzling quality that made me smile in delight and breathe in with curiosity. Instantly and intuitively I knew that Alex was special and I knew in some way, he would help me unlock more of the real me. My spirit smiled, my life began.
Alex is a man who is continuously doing the work himself. His ability and willingness to be raw, stripped back, and brave in his own self discovery helps me tremendously and has opened my heart to a wonderful world of possibilities. It’s a priceless gift of love.
The work that Alex does to guide and inspire others into their own light is extraordinarily powerful and clearly aligned with his calling. I feel his presence and value his wisdom. Alex holds space with the perfect balance of a master and a student. He plays both roles with exquisite delicacy. I’ve felt time stand still with him.
I watch him, I learn from him, I love him- I see gold in his soul.”
Anne O’Neill
Spiritual/Energy Coach

“Alex is a wonderful, modest and mystical soul – I am continuously captivated by his presence. The impact I feel, in terms of my self-empowerment, is profound. There’s a clear separation in my life before I met Alex, and after. I encourage you to open your heart, and let Alex’s fruitful magic help you too!”
Gintare Farault,
Certified Tantric Journey Educator

“Alex has a knack of making you relax and realise there really is nothing stopping you from living out your dreams”
Gary M

“This workshop will help you to release your potential. It will inspire you to realise your dreams and allow you to believe you can achieve whatever your heart desires.”
Robert R

“Alex is a courageously tender-hearted man, who’s rooted sense of self and purpose creates a unique space for realisations to manifest into experiences.
The joy of his being shines into all the hearts of those he meets, and his luminous love of this life is a medicine of these times within itself.
Alex’s message travels from deep within – limitations are alchemised, thoughts form colourful visions, newfound realities are actualised, tangible beliefs are birthed and a deep trust in the true potential of one’s lifetime is discovered.
If you are curious about what life could feel like after becoming the author of your experience, choosing to step into a life that makes your heart sing and your soul dance, then come and play the game of alchemy and liberation with this loving, joyous and beautiful bliss-filled being.”
Cassandra Bradshaw,
Holistic Mentor & Facilitator