Alex Szepietowski

Playing the Game of Life – Allowing Abundance

Does life have to be hard? What would make your life worth living?

Maybe life is simply a game for us all to each discover our hearts’ desires, alchemise our struggles, master our gifts & breathe our dreams into life?

Abundance is about allowing MORE of everything we want into our lives so we can enjoy more fulfilment, freedom &fun. To play bigger games & make more of a difference.

This workshop will help shine a light on the beliefs and barriers which no longer serve who you are today and take a handbrake off the transformational impact you want to make on the world – leaving you more free to create, play and make even more of a difference in the areas that matter to you.


Alex sought happiness chasing money, fame, romance, fitness, food…

Eventually realising the futility, he embarked on an odyssey, an inner journey – which led him to live and learn with different indigenous peoples and spiritual teachers around the world.

The peace & fulfilment Alex so desperately sought was, and is, always available, and Alex continues the lifelong work of bringing that which is blocking him from accessing this into the light. His experience of life has transformed, and he loves to share this message with others. He supports his clients and friends to clarify and align with what their heart truly desires & with a smile on their face, to birth these dreams into being.

Alex was able to retire in his mid 20’s and his TEDx talk ‘Design Your Dream Life’ has over 3M views