Alison David

Sound Healing and Live Concert

Many people now know about sound healing and your voice is a sound healing tool that you carry everywhere you go. Most people have been told to be quiet and many have been discouraged from singing when they were young. These two things and the pressure we have to conform, can create energy blocks and prevent us from speaking and revealing how we truly feel and who we really are. Connecting with your voice enables you access happy hormones, release unwanted tension and choose what you want to embody in your life.

Because sound can be so intrusive, it can also help us become aware of the ways we hide.

In this workshop you will have permission to make noise and explore the edges of your sound as well as the choices you have made and can make in the future.

Learn how we mute our true expression, how to use the voice as a sound healing tool and how much we have in common.


Alison Love David is a soulful singer, artist and medicine woman with a magnetic stage presence. Having discovered the healing powers of the voice and worked through her fears of being seen, she is passionate about encouraging other people out of hiding. Alison coaches people to feel comfortable with their uniqueness and from that place, find their sense of belonging using sound, ceremony and self care.

With 25 years of music releases under her belt – working with artists such as Red Snapper (electronica), Black Science Orchestra (house) and Bugz In The Attic (broken beat) – her uplifting songs can be heard on dance floors around the globe.

Her songs always contemplate how to live life better and most recent album: Mmmm contains Mantras, Meditations, and Mindfulness practices. A lover of breakbeats and ballads, if you’re listening to Alison, prepare to be moved.

Some testimonials:

“I met Alison through her singing & got to know about her Patreon group. It has helped me tremendously, given me inspiration & joy. Especially Mmmm bath ceremonies, they have mentally helped me . Given me belief & faith to look at what makes me, to the point of coming off medication. Live gigs are fun too. Privilege to see her work in progress, exciting times ahead.

I’ve started writing poetry from my inner self which I hadn’t thought about for many many years.” Elaine

“I have always struggled with boundaries and voicing my truth and input….I made sounds and said things and jumped like never before. I was surprised that it was all ok inside of me, that I even enjoyed it and felt exhilarated…. I have been able to recognize, process and most importantly express my blocks more and more. “ Jo

“I really enjoyed your gig. Felt real good. Gave me a real high, a real sense that we will make it when we pull together. Thank you for a great, happy, wholesome experience of people’s art. It was brilliant!” John