Amy Atkins

Amy Atkins has been holding intention circles inspired by the moon phases in order to help others harness its energy and use it to raise their own consciousness, bring structure and awareness into their day to day life and live their most authentic truth.


This is a circle. A circle inspired by the Moon. We will meet to acknowledge our feminine attributes, our attributes ruled by the moon. We will hold space for one another in order to delve deep, to share our stories and to set intention. To hold one another in our dark times and to ignite one another in our light. Encouraging each other to express and align with the moon and our most authentic self. We will explore the power of intention, infused with ritual, evolving around the universe and self love, in order to radiate and attract that very same love which we emit.

This full moon in Capricorn.  We will harness the energy of this full moon by letting go of what no longer serves us, stepping into our truth and affirming who we were born to be.