Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is an internationally renowned religious scholar, writer and teacher, and the author of more than 40 books, including the critically acclaimed The HopeSon of Man, and Savage Grace with Carolyn Baker. Born in south India in 1952, Harvey has devoted much of his life to studying the world’s mystical traditions, including intensive study of Hinduism, Buddhism and, Sufi mysticism.


My beloved young friends. I am so moved and honored to have the chance to share with you whatever wisdom I have acquired as the founder of Sacred Activism and the author of The Hope. I know you know how dire the world situation is but I want to make available to you the kinds of simple inner and outer tools that will give your lives joy, passion and meaning and help you ground your activism in the kind of inner strength and wisdom that will make it powerful, joyful and effective in this burning world. Like the Dalai Lama in his new book, “A Call for Revolution”, which I beg you to read, I have great faith in you. I have met you all over the world and I see in your eyes the light that can illumine a new world. I know you are in great pain at what’s happening. I know that the responsibility placed on you to lead before your time weighs heavily on you but I know to, how much you care and how willing you are to step up and do whatever is required to secure the possible future.

What I’d like to do with you is three things. First of all I’d like you all just to write a paragraph about what Sacred Activism means to you now and how you see yourself with your unique talents stepping up to enact it. Secondly, I’d like to give you a short 40 minute summary of where I as an elder who has been in the trenches now for 30 years see the world and see the evolution of Sacred Activism to meet the challenges of this dark night. Thirdly, all the rest of the time I would love to have the honor to listen to you. To your passions and questions and concerns because I know I shall learn from them and be inspired by them and also might have something humble and real to offer you. I can’t wait to be together with you even if it’s in the virtual world and I can’t wait for the sharing between us that I pray with embolden us both for the wild work ahead that will build out of the ashes of the old world, a new world that we can all flourish as our unique selves in. Thank you for all my heart for turning up. Thank you for reading this letter. Thank you for taking Sacred Activism into your hearts and souls and bodies.

Your friend, Andrew Harvey.