Athena Constantine Constantinou

The Nature of Reality       

Toolbox for creative awareness and self modulation.

Time and consciousness are drawn together through guided imagery, movement, awareness, breath work and, conditions permitting, the collective viewing of therapeutic strobe. Unimaginable colours are perceived. Infinite possibilities. We will embark upon a journey together holding attention. Guiding that attention, lighting the way. Centred and the centre is everywhere. 

Telling the Tale

Taming the techno sphere dragon.

“Deliver to me your girdle and bind it about the neck of the dragon and be not afeard” the Golden Legend. Jacobus de Voragine 1230. Restoring our Joy to the internet. Taming the social media monster through a deeper understanding of virtual communication spaces , the conscious universe and guided meditation.

“I think that your work is an important contribution to the debate of the role of the artist within society and adds a new take on the artist or art as ‘An instrument of truth’ “ Extract from letter of recommendation written by Matthew Rowe Curatorial officer. Tate Gallery St Ives.

“I was thinking about that as you radiated“ post performance email dialogue with holistic physicist Prof F. David Peat 1938-2017

Lead Gender Expansive Circle

Continuing work with the gender expansive circle wider horizons.


Athena Constantine Constantinou is a modern fine artist, performer and recording artist. Buddhist engineer/inventor Geoff Blundell led her collaboration in the science of biofeedback, audio and visual perception. She has taught, founded an ethical business promoting 100% natural Health/Art/Beauty, released records in Europe and Japan, performed in both traditional theatre, cinema and art spaces, sold her photography and exhibited paintings in European galleries. Her research into consciousness and perception informs and consolidates her life and art. Began association with Scientific and Medical Network in 1994, welcomed as full member in 1999.