Athena Constantine Constantinou

The Nature of Reality       

Time and consciousness are drawn together through guided imagery, movement, awareness, breath work and the collective viewing of therapeutic strobe. Unimaginable colours are perceived. Infinite possibilities. Become centred with the centre everywhere, seeing the world through new eyes with creative awareness.

Golden Wreath Meditation

Beginning by sitting on the floor you start by sounding your intentions, sensing your body for areas of tension releasing the tension by breath, awareness and mindfulness , moving toward a place of silence and lying face-up on the floor in yoga corpse pose, known as Savasana. What separates this meditation from yoga classes is that it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems (the “flight or fight” and “rest and digest” parts of the nervous system). Creating beneficial brain wave states. As you are gently guided through four main stages of brain wave activity: beta, alpha, theta and delta, you achieve a hypnagogic state, a magical time when the body is in deep relaxation while the mind is lucid. BETA AND ALPHA First, the meditation will take you through the active thinking that’s characteristic of the beta wave state. Basically, if you’re up and engaged in conversation with someone, you’re in beta. As the meditation continues and your brain waves begin to slow down, you’ll then pass through the relaxed alpha wave state of mind. THETA Once you’ve achieved the beta state, the meditation process drops you deeper into the theta wave state. Here, your thoughts slow down even more, as theta waves measure in the 4-8 Hz range compared to 8-12 Hz for beta waves. This is the state where thoughts can be released. Letting a deeper silence and quietening of the mind clear a path within. In this state learning is enhanced. DELTA Finally, the guided meditation takes you to the delta state. During this brain wave activity state, several hormones get released, including Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), which stimulates the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland . Meanwhile, the stress hormone cortisol is at the lowest level in your body. Perhaps one of the most profound experiences occurs once you achieve the farthest depths of the delta state. a sensation of inner silence. The delta state known to be the most restorative and healing. Peaceful yet dynamic.

Golden Wreath meditation; from deep within silence, our minds shape is lit, by the light of love wreathed in gold. Protected, strong, secure.

Gender Expansive Circle

Wider Horizons recognised a desire to speak to those of our gathering who seek a non binary tradition. Is the difference you feel from binary culture , something defined by physical desires and personal psychological needs or is there a sense that society as a whole is changing to accommodate new perspectives of spiritual awareness. We gather to share in safety , building upon our courage with ceremony, understanding, JOY ! and love “


Athena Constantine Constantinou is a modern fine artist, performer and recording artist. Buddhist engineer/inventor Geoff Blundell led her collaboration in the science of biofeedback, audio and visual perception. She has taught, founded an ethical business promoting 100% natural Health/Art/Beauty, released records in Europe and Japan, performed in both traditional theatre, cinema and art spaces, sold her photography and exhibited paintings in European galleries. Her research into consciousness and perception informs and consolidates her life and art. Began association with Scientific and Medical Network in 1994, welcomed as full member in 1999.


“I think that your work is an important contribution to the debate of the role of the artist within society and adds a new take on the artist or art as ‘An instrument of truth’ “ Extract from letter of recommendation written by Matthew Rowe Curatorial officer. Tate Gallery St Ives.