Project Description

Athena Constantine Constantine

Athena Constantine is a modern fine artist, performer and recording artist. Buddhist engineer/inventor Geoff Blundell led her collaboration in the science of biofeedback, audio and visual perception. She has taught, founded an ethical business promoting 100% natural Health/Art/Beauty, released records in Europe and Japan, performed in both traditional theatre, cinema and art spaces, sold her photography and exhibited paintings in European galleries. Her research into consciousness and perception informs and consolidates her life and art. Began association with Scientific and Medical Network in 1994, welcomed as full member in 1999. Photography by Akihide Tamura.
Building word by word the screen upon our conjuror’s lucidity. Diligence conveying experience. An enquiry in time as time at a standstill. Stories reinforce life with symbolism and meaning. In telling the tale, changes in sounds and rhythm indicate imagistic time changes. Reality is being rebuilt adapting to infinite possibilities. We embark upon a journey together as a story, the performer holding attention and guiding that attention within to the centre of the viewer. An iconoclast. Breaking the illusion of separation to galvanise the love we share. Telling the tale, lighting the way. Together we will redefine the inert digital context and by participating in this action we leave cyberspace filled with our presence. We are coming closer through science and art to our own picture that lies between physical and the realms of possibility. We can do this. You the natives!