Ben Zaven Crane AKA Mojo Filter

From the Himalayan range to the Masonic Temples of London, world-wide tour schedules to sober raves, regal weddings to illustrious openings of The Royal Academy previews – year on year, the exploits of Ben Zaven Crane – aka Mojo Filter – are unending.

His eclectic music collection has seen Ben as the first DJ ever to play at Buckingham Palace. Although a modest affair, this set the precedent for a new breed of Mojo Filter DJ London amongst the upper echelons of the events industry.

With a refined musical prowess and an uncanny ability to merge occasion, placement and people, Crane exudes an almost supernatural understanding of what it is to create magical atmospheres with music.

“No two events are the same, much as the flow of a river will subtly evolve and reform according to its ever-changing environment. Music is the culmination of space between sounds that – when honed – can complement and accentuate the energetic exchanges between people and place.”


A talk about the origins of the most tested compound in medical science and how it’s abrupt halt with Leary et al held back research for 50 years, now to be reignited in view of ‘miraculous’ results. Detailing the story I’ll elucidate the contemporary clinical studies and open up discussion around people’s thoughts and perceptions and attempt to plant the seed of hope for a new wave of understanding this mysterious compound.


Fresh from programming the Nook stage at Noisily 2020 this year, Crane brings forth a myriad of medicinal musical musings to Wider Horizons. Coming from a background of producing psychedelic dance music in its various forms, Mojo’s latest evolution incorporates traditional icaros, incantations and melodies from indigenous cultures around the world to evoke a heady space for transcendence and self-exploration. These modern day vision quests are a powerful rite of passage amid festival culture and for many provide a sacred, bonding space for folks to reconnect with themselves, each other and the beautiful planet that sustains us.