Benny & Benji


Hi, I’m Benny Thompson, and alongside my partner Benji Roots, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Playfight—a practice that has truly changed our lives, and we’re excited to share its transformative power with you. Through a series of simple yet impactful physical exercises, Playfight brings a sense of playfulness, competition, and connection, offering profound insights into ourselves and those around us.

Our session begins with gentle, calming games that encourage introspection and foster a deep connection with ourselves and our fellow participants. As we progress, we delve into the realm of personal competitiveness, reframing it as a collaborative experience rather than one of dominance. This shift in perspective has been pivotal for us, fostering healthier relationships with competition and emphasizing unity and mutual support.

Moving into Playfighting, we follow four essential rituals that guide the experience, creating a sacred space for deeper self-discovery and healing. The Invitation ritual sets a welcoming tone, inviting voluntary participation. Encounter ritual promotes meaningful interaction and connection with ourselves and others, then the playfight will begin for around 3 minutes. Then once it’s finished we move into the Appreciation ritual which acknowledges and values each participant’s unique contributions. Finally, the Feedback ritual invites reflections from the circle who witnessed the playfight, offering valuable insights into our personal experiences and emotions evoked during the Playfight.

Rooted in our own journey, Playfight is integral to the essence of “The Way of Play,” forging a deep bond between Benji and me and inspiring our collaborative work. We envision bringing this transformative experience to this gathering, confident in its potential to foster playfulness, transformation, and magic. Thank you, If you have any questions about this, please message myself or Benji.

Silly Olympics

The second workshop that we would love to bring to Wider Horizons is ‘The Silly Olympics’. This is a creation of our own, birthing from sweet nostalgia of fond memories at school sports day and other childhood games… Timeless classics such as ‘egg and spoon race’, ‘three legged race’,’the coconut shy’/ ‘tug of war’, Duck duck goose etc. The main objectives of this workshop being connection and play. Connection to oneself and with the group as a whole. Also, to experience what its like to work together in a team and bring a sense of collaboration rather than competition, to enjoy the playful camaraderie of these games whilst letting go of the idea that there are winners and losers, when actually we are all winners for taking part in this journey together.

We curate games which are inclusive to the full spectrum of ages and capabilities attending. Calling on different individuals with different qualities to step forth and join in with the fun… The Silly Olympics will be sure to awaken a fresh & pure connection with the child within!

The Silly Olympics workshop at Wider Horizons revives nostalgic childhood games while fostering connection, playfulness, and inclusivity for participants of all ages to rediscover the joy of the inner child.

Embodied Authentic Relating

Step into the realm of Embodied Authentic Relating, where connections are forged through the language of the body. In this workshop, participants engage in a fusion of contact improvisation, embodied exercises, and verbal authentic relating games, creating a holistic approach to deepening connections and revealing our true selves.

Through a blend of movement, touch, and verbal communication, we create a space for authentic interactions to flourish. As we explore the depths of embodied relating, we discover new ways to connect with ourselves and others on a profound level. Contact improvisation exercises invite us to engage in physical connection, while embodied practices encourage us to tune into the wisdom of our bodies, fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relational patterns.

The integration of verbal authentic relating games complements the embodied experience, offering opportunities for honest sharing, active listening, and empathetic exploration. By merging these modalities, we create a rich tapestry of connection that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.

Embodied Authentic Relating allows for a wider spectrum of experience and a sense of wholeness to emerge. By connecting deeply through our bodies, we access a level of intimacy and understanding that transcends words alone.

Join us as we embark on a journey of embodied authenticity, forging deeper connections and discovering the transformative power of relational embodiment.


Hello, I am Benny Thompson along with my partner Benji roots and we make up “The Way of Play” An exciting movement centred around cultivating spaces to really dive into our own inner creativity and allowing our inner child to run wild and free. We are running retreats throughout the year in UK with Roots of Play (Tree climbing based retreats) and then doing some retreats in Portugal at a wonderful off grid land. We are currently creating the business (The Way of Play) and so we are in the process of creating a very exciting website, Online course, merchandise, a variety of workshops we can bring to schools, corporate settings etc.

This is a very fulfilling time and we are very excited to be bringing our offerings to all the different conscious events throughout the summer and Wider is one of them we are actually most excited about! Benji and myself met only a year ago at a gathering where we participated in our first playfight workshop together. Ever since then, we have been on an incredible journey of facilitating events, journeying through challenging times together, climbing many trees and much more. Now we are on a mission to re-child the nation with our magic. This is a space where we can bring this magic and help guide people on a journey of self empowerment through the magic of Play and bring ourselves to our natural state of being which is Joy! Thank you for this opportunity and hope this lands with you smoothly. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss more about this. Please message myself or Benji. Lots of love x


“Having Benny from Way of Play as part of our retreat offering was a winning choice, Benny, the co-founder of Way of Play took his time to feel into the groups needs before choosing the correlating practise for each workshop. Sensitively discerning what would suit the pace and energy of each moment. He journeyed with the participants through various channels – slow thoughtful experiential movement, contact improv and feeling into our bodies, the next day there was a focus on inner child work, connecting with our playful side through different exercises and my personal favourite exercise – the amazing element of Playfight – which gave myself and our participants an opportunity to face themselves and preconceived ideas about the practise and indulge into playful and exhilarating expression of inner child, safely and respectively held by the amazing Benny, who’s confidence and clear direction helped to give a feeling of safety for the whole group. Outside of the retreat Benny helped around the homestead and contributed to daily living, with a smile and great attitude always, caring for animals and the people staying. It will be a pleasure to collaborate again in the future, look forward to many more retreats together”. Helios