After many years studying and practicing meditation and chi kung in Asia under the guidance of some the world’s greatest living masters, Burgs moved back to England to teach at the request of one of his teachers.


Burgs ran his first retreat in 1996 in Asia and since then has hosted 100’s retreats, from 5 days to 5 months, having taught thousands of people from all walks of life. His students have ranged from absolute beginners to distinguished monks and nuns, from the homeless of Asia to many successful and influential business people.


He gave up his life and successful career in search of more meaning to his life. His journeys took him to the islands of Indonesia, the foothills of the Himalaya’s in India, and the forests of Myanmar (Burma).


After some years of retreat, he left the monastery where he had resided and decided to travel back home to the West to teach. His decision to do so was rooted in a determination to discover for himself whether these practices and the wisdom they pointed to could be upheld and developed within the context of a modern western life. Today he teaches those who wish to learn meditation on retreats across the UK and in France.

The depth of his experiential knowledge of meditation and his ability to communicate this knowledge with clarity to western audiences make him an extremely accessible teacher. He translates profound ancient knowledge and teachings into approachable and digestible language.

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The Buddha teaches us that one who is of few needs and easy to serve is close to being at peace . One who is of many needs and  hard to serve is far from finding happiness.

But beyond this, the simpler are our needs the easier it is for us to become a contributor and not a burden to those around us and our planet as a whole . In this workshop we will explore the difference between our basic needs, our wants, our expectations and our sense of entitlement to investigate how through the maturing and development of our character, humility, generosity and kindness we might individually and at a group level begin to manifest the notion of becoming a Giveback Generation.