Carrie Tree

Turning Walls Into Gateways – Exploring The Spirit Of Creativity

A transformative exploration looking deeper into our unique relationship to creativity. By shining a compassionate light on some of the behaviour and inner voices that show up in our self-expression, we can assist in restoring flow back into the places that feel like walls in our lives.
We will go on a beautiful journey of inquiry work in pairs and alone, also using simple but powerful vocal processing techniques with voice, visualisation and movement.
(Please bring something to sit on)

Songs To Feed The Heart

Come and join musical songstress Carrie Tree for a journey of deeply healing and heart-opening music.
With each song bringing our hearts closer together and melting borders within us.
Reminding us how to feel in places we may have forgotten.
With the art of song and storytelling, be guided through the mystical forest of Carrie’s musical realm.


Living on a horse livery in Wiltshire, UK singer-songwriter Carrie Tree writes and crafts her music amongst the fields and forests. She sings with an honesty and dedicated love for this earth and our human journey, touching a deep place inside the hearts of listeners.

She draws us into a world of powerful storytelling and sublime melody with guitar, piano, percussion and voice, often touching on poignant subjects, and melting borders within us.

This artist has been a known name in Europe’s acoustic grass-roots music scene for many years, and with a troubadour free-spirit and creative passion for life, has toured in countless retreats, festivals and concerts across the world, sharing her love of music and the depth of connection it can bring.

Carrie has collaborated live and in the studio with the likes of Damien Rice, Fink, Albert Mazibuko (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Sandrayati Fay, Carly Simon, Rumer, Mirabai Ceiba, Aukai, Martha Tilston and Andy Barlow of Lamb.

Carrie has self-released 3 studio albums – ‘The Kitchen Table’, ‘Home To The Invisible’, and ‘The Canoe’, produced with the magic touch of Markus Sieber (Aukai/MIrabai Ceiba).

Alongside her music, Carrie sees the need and power of therapeutic work to bring us back into balance with the earth, and has studied in Family Constellations, Holistic Voice Therapy, Zen Coaching, NonViolent Communication, Nature Connection and supports groups in Shamanic ceremony and ritual.

Carrie is committed to the path of healing and connecting music to projects with the intention to bring ourselves and the environment into harmonic symbiosis.

‘Really powerful… able to carry a strong message. An early Marianne Faithfull’

BBC WALES, Frank Hennessy

‘…delivered and presented in a way that suggests magic is at work here.’

17 seconds

‘a gift to be savoured like a summer breeze’


‘One of the most natural voices you may ever hear’

XYZ Magazine (Brighton)

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Sweet Earth


Human Kindness – Union Chapel – London


The Canoe – Union Chapel – London


Carrie Tree – Only Love – Live in London, Keith Ellis on clarinet

Water Song Live Festival