Chandvi Shah


Chandvi is a Holistic Trauma Therapist and Ceremonial Space Holder.

She brings together Eastern and Western modalities to provide a holistic transformational experience to individuals and groups.

Chandvi began her journey on a pilgrimage in Peru connecting her deeply to her heart. Which brought curiosity in the therapeutic world.

She is now a multi-trained facilitator. Trained in Regression and Art Therapy, Plant Medicine Ceremonies, and Family Constellations.

She weaves all that she has learnt to support people in bridging the gap between the body, soul and spirit. To bring awareness and healing to the inner wounds, and to help them connect to their innate essence and power. To reawaken the gifts that live deep within them, and ultimately come home to themselves.

Cacao Ceremony

We sit in circle to gather as community. We will speak and share with each other. Serve Cacao and drink together. Move through prayer and visualisation/meditation and continue to be together in circle. We will sing songs and play music. Once we have drank and felt into the music, we will move towards the fire for dancing and drumming.