Clara Lunar

Cacao & Hawthorne Ceremony

These two plant medicines embrace and activate your heart & it’s deep, powerful wisdom.

Journey & meet with the Spirit & wisdom of these profound but gentle plant allies as we meet the two together in Circle.

We nourish the heart centre as we sip together, gifting a deeper understanding of how the plants can assist in our connection to our beloved Mother Earth & how this can assist us in out journey beyond.

We will also learn some songs of our lands handed down by elders, along with a Drum Journey to meet the plants.


Claira works along side the Medicine & Spirt of Cacao personally and in events/monthly Moon circles. She is also a Flower Essence practitioner and brings this quality into space. She feels deeply humbled & called to her path of service to our beloved Mother Earth, the plant realms & human family, bringing us back into connection with nature, songs from the lands and in turn, remembrance.

It is an honour to share in ceremony.