Daniella Carrozza and Isla Macleod

Daniella Carrozza

Is a Medical herbalist and massage therapist, devoted to all forms of connection.  After completing a year-long training with Jewels Winfield ‘initiation into the sacred feminine’ Daniella learnt the art of womb divination as a gateway to feminine knowledge and healing.  Experiencing the womb as a spirit door Daniella weaves all these aspects into her offerings as a therapist and space holder in women circles.   Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biology and plant biochemistry, grounded by embodied movement, touch and authenticity.  As a mother of 4 and knowing the body to be an extension of the natural world, Daniella has begun to work within the field of deep ecology.

Isla Macleod

Is a ceremonialist and ritual weaver, devoted to remembering and honouring our ancestors and inspiring a reverence for the earth.  With a grounding in Buddhist practice, training in shamanic and ancestral healing, and ongoing exploration of the feminine mysteries and Celtic mythology, Isla draws on various strands to create ceremonies and healing journeys that are rooted in natural wisdom and celebrate the sacred.


This offering was created to inform young women of the gifts that can be received when a woman connects and understands the rhythm of her cycles.
Your facilitators Daniella Carrozza and Isla Macleod will weave their skills and knowledge to bless the bleeding of menstruation.  By revisiting each woman’s menarche (onset of her moon time) we will honour this rite of passage with ceremony.  Daniella will talk through the menstrual map looking at the archetypes and the gifts that each aspect can bring.  Weaving together embodied practice with knowledge based sharing.

Isla will guide us in an exploration of sacred womb wisdom and we will join together as a sisterhood to honour and bless our womb space and celebrate in the collective wombiverse.