Denis Whyte & Isla Macleod

As we welcome the beautiful Equinox energies of rebirth and creative growth, we are each invited to consider what gives us life and what do we place our trust in as we step in to the unknown? So many of our major issues are anchored in an inability to fully trust ourselves, our families, the world and the Universe. This healing meditation with Denis Whyte will guide you to the foundation and origin of all trust to connect you with the essence of what it truly means to be human, followed by an elemental ritual with Isla Macleod to help you embody this essential foundation in your life.

Please bring a journal, pen, a seed (from an apple, avocado, pumpkin – whatever you have at home!), small bowl of water.

Denis Whyte is a healer with 40 years experience and a student of many spiritual and energy based systems. As a former award winning spiritual documentary producer he has worked intensively with Hindu, Buddhist and Daoist traditions. A supporter of Wider Horizons since its inception he offers guided meditations and healing.

Isla is a ceremonialist, transformational healer and earth guardian. Her work is centred around restoring our relationship with the natural world and what is sacred in our lives, weaving ceremony, earth-based wisdom, embodiment techniques and indigenous and therapeutic healing practices to support a re-wilding of the soul.