Dr Alex Pardhy M.D.

Alex is an A&E Physician turned Alternative Health Practitioner, Life Coach and Space Holder. Since her healing journey began in 2012, Alex has trained in numerous alternative practices, ranging from the Shamanic to Acupuncture, Tantra to Breathwork, Coaching to Shadow Work. Alex brings a playful energy into the healing space. Creative visualisation is a powerful tool that she regularly uses with her clients and in her healing spaces. Fascinated by the subconscious realms, Alex enjoys taking people on visual journeys to take us into unseen parts of ourselves. She weaves a mixture of shamanic techniques and shadow work principles that are designed to guide us into dialogue with the parts of ourselves we reject and disown.
Through this practice of deeper understanding and acceptance of our subconscious mind, it is soothed and allows us to create space for new ways of being. Into this space we will envision, ideal and constructive patterns of behaviour, implanting them in the subconscious mind so that next time we are triggered, we naturally feel inclined to act differently.


Come with a repeating pattern of self sabotage that you are really ready to let go of.  Part visualisation, part active questioning, we’re gonna get to know ourselves intimately. Don’t worry you won’t have to share anything if you don’t want to, this is a practice just for you.
You’ll leave with a felt experience of a new way of being and tools to revisit this state at will, helping you to transcend unhelpful habits in future.
Bring a pen and paper, and a yoga mat for this workshop if you have one.