Hannah Jewel

Dr. Hannah Jewel McClure is a trainer of therapists and healers in the modalities of Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Relaxation. She has taught extensively in both the private sector and higher education. Hannah holds a PhD in the use of ritual and somatic practices, focusing especially on the Sufi path of initiation. In addition to training professionals she has maintained a clinical practice since 2002. When not working, Hannah can most often be found walking the cliffs and forests of the Sussex coast in England.



As part of the opening ceremonies Hannah will gather us together through flocking. Drawing on both contemporary dance and shamanic principles, we align our bodies to the four directions with a collective impulse of following. Moving as one, like birds, we dance
on the wind together.

‘Hannah is a rare jewel. She is kind, wise and knows the value of laughter. Working with her has
been so joyful!’ A.S