Project Description

Dr Megan Cowles DClinPsy

Megan’s work as a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher explores the value of conscious connection to self, others, nature and spirit. On a continual path of self-discovery, Megan seeks to share what she learns to support others to understand, heal and grow. Her yoga classes and psychology work invite curiosity, creativity and compassion, asking us to investigate our own experiences, recognise our gifts, and meet ourselves with loving kindness. There is a strong focus on learning to know and trust ourselves in both her approach to psychology and yoga, encouraging a sense of empowerment. Megan recognises the galvanising potential of yoga and inner work to ignite sacred activism, forge a deep respect for nature and build community with others.

Megan specialises in complex trauma, delivering trainings in compassion focused therapy, third-wave cognitive behavioural therapy and embodied approaches, as well as working in the NHS in complex adult mental health. She has published several papers based on her clinical and research work; topics include: trauma work with children, compassionate approaches to trauma for people with learning disabilities, complex cases – moving beyond diagnosis, psychological approaches with stroke survivors, psychosis as a response to trauma and anxiety, and considering therapeutic boundaries when working with severely traumatised people who are seeking asylum or are refugees.

Megan brings her psychological knowledge into her yoga classes, weaving threads of modern psychological thinking into ancient Tantrik Hatha practices. Megan set-up and now runs the Bristol Yoga Roots Project, a network of socially conscious yoga teachers, with two other women. This project aims to bring yoga to under-represented populations in Bristol, you can learn more about it here.


This workshop will combine theory with experiential exercises to explore why humans are vulnerable to suffering and what we can do about it. We will learn to connect to our self and others via cultivating compassion and recognising our common humanity in order to regulate our emotion systems and find freedom & peace in our daily lives.