Dr Oliver Robinson PhD

An Introduction to Sacred Geometry and Mystical Mathematics

Our world is structured by number and geometric forms. While we are educated to believe that this is just a mundane feature of the material world, philosophers since Plato have argued that maths and geometry are part of a divine language. In line with this idea that geometry has sacred origins, many mystical, visionary and psychedelic experiences are described as featuring an experience of worlds or vistas composed of deeply complex geometry. This interactive workshop will discuss ways of exploring the hidden meanings in number and geometric form and will aim to leave you educated and amazed.

Dr Oliver Robinson PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich, and has over ten year’s experience of designing and implementing
learning experiences and interventions for young adults. He has written a book and curated a range of talks on the topic of science and spirituality, which will be the focus of the lecture-workshop at Wider Horizons.