Ellen Kittredge

Ellen Kittredge is an Energy Healer, Nutritional Counselor, Minister of Walking Prayer, and Practitioner of Earth Based Healing Modalities. Ellen has studied extensively with Nature Priests (paqos) in the High Andes of Peru for the last 9 years, and is a teacher for the Wiraqocha Foundation, where she shares the medicine teachings, healing modalities and initiatory rites that have been gifted to her, with her students and clients all over the world. In 2014, Ellen helped to co-found the Eagle Condor Healing Intensive, a 9 month training program in earth-based healing modalities, and co-taught this program for 5 years. In 2016 she began offering the initiatory rites of the Nust’as: Healing Forces of Nature, and has shared those with students in the US and the UK. She has also co-led pilgrimages to Peru. In addition to teachings workshops in person as well as online, Ellen maintains an active private practice where she offers her clients mentorship in nutrition, healing modalities for the body/mind/spirit, and shares with them simple land based offering and connection practices. You can read more about her at ellenkittredge.com.


Saminchakuy – Healing with the Nectars of Nature
Have you ever felt that nature has mysteries or perhaps hidden treasures that are just outside of your ability to discover? Do you feel a call to deepen in your relationship with the living world of energy all around you? Are you curious about how you can become a more active conduit for healing energies in your own body?
Join Ellen to learn a basic and fundamental practice of energy exchange practiced by nature priests (paqos) in the high Andes for hundred of years, a practice which spans the universe and yet is fundamentally grounded in the earth beneath your feet.  During this workshop Ellen will both guide you in a simple yet powerful meditation with the healing nectars of nature as well as explain the principles behind why this particular practice works so effectively, and not only brings you healing energy so you feel better, lighter and more grounded and connected to both the earth and your inner resources, but can also support the evolution of your consciousness. Expect to come way from the workshop enlightened in all senses of that word!