Elvis Stellucci

Circle of Open Hearts

Learning about Love and its Unconditionality

An educational talk about the origins of how the emotion called Love got lost and manipulated through centuries to then becoming to have a crucial role to human culture and its decadence through Capitalism. Lecturing the meaning of Unconditional Love and how important more than ever we need to embrace true Love to allow better change to happen in the future of this World.

The workshop will be followed by an explorational guided meditation, in which we will be exploring the connection of ourselves with the Planet as we are one and then at the end, we will chant an Universal pray where each participant being present at the workshop will be sharing a prayer of love towards a specific human/plant/animal around the world.


Elvis G. Stellucci is a writer and artist based in London, married to nature and blessed by witchcraft. He’s a Mental Health Advocate and Activist, bringing to the World a more conscious Love.