Emma Jane Shoesmith

Emma is an embodiment of our great mother on earth. She is finely attuned to the rhythm, ebb, flow and desires of mother earth and what she longs to see for all her inhabitants. She is a safe haven for any soul seeking solace who will find comfort in her warmth and glow as if blessed with a golden balm around their aura. Her practice is that of a modern mystic, providing energy alchemy and leadership in all walks of life in whichever arena she may be. She is in the business of the power of truth, love and freedom for each soul here with the firm belief that every human has the capacity to be a true leader, healer and earth warrior.

Reiki level 2 (Usui Lineage)
Indian Head Massage Therapist
200hr Yoga Teacher Trainer – The Practices of Leadership and Empowerment
Exercise to Music Instructor
I have a degree in Contemporary Media Practice from the University of Westminster where I am a guest lecturer on the Launch Pad program. I have over 15 years of teaching experience in many different capacities (even snowboarding) however I now use this skill to facilitate healing circles with people of all ages. I also run a small content creation and design agency that works for soul brands. You can check out my website here: https://emmashoesmith.com/


Create your own sacred symbol to charge with a specific intention and use as a tool in your own practice.
Have you ever been called to certain signs or symbols and wondered why they hold so much power? In this workshop we will dive deep into the inner planes of our psyche to connect with and retrieve our own sacred symbols. You will then be guided to draw or create your symbols in natural materials and to perform an intention ritual, so it may be charged with personal meaning and power.
The space where dance meets yoga and you meet yourself
Liminal Flow is a free space for you to explore within, to feel into forgotten corners and to softly send love to your edges through an embodied sequence of movements. In no particular order, with no particular form, I invite you to move with me, to listen to what your body is calling for at this time. I will hold space for you to explore uncharted planes of your topography while guiding you through a moving energy medicine sequence with my voice. I call you to move away from the safety of your mat and experience the infinite possibilities of the liminal space.


Tap into your own energy medicine – Be your own healer
In this workshop you will be guided to become your own healer and to tap into your own unique energy medicine. You will learn how to decipher different frequencies and start to paint an internal picture of what your body needs at this time. I use a combination oh healing arts to help you drop in and receive what your body is already capable of. Together we will hone our deep listening skills to bring forth the infinite potential of our sovereign beings.