Erika Tourell

Somatic Flow

Join Erika for a relaxing, uplifting and energising somatic (- through the body) exploration drawing on the traditions of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation and Free Movement & Dance.

“Erika’s gift for curating healing spaces has held me through many challenging processes. They are filled with beauty and inspiration, and have been a much needed sanctuary in difficult times. I always leave feeling connected and grounded in my body, and more than once I have been moved to tears.”

Women’s Circle
Women’s circles provide a space where women can come together to support each other, share wisdom, and collectively journey toward personal and collective transformation. They offer a valuable opportunity for women to reclaim their voices, celebrate their strengths, and embrace their authentic selves. You are invited to co-create a safe and sacred space for women to heal the sisterhood wound, explore emotions, express freely, share experiences, and gain insights from others.

“Erika has a beautifully warm, gentle and caring character and this comes through in her practice. I immediately felt cared for, seen and heard”.

Intimate Connections

Join Erika to learn and practice together the relational skills that enable deeper, authentic connection. Rediscover your intuitive knowing and learn to trust and act from its intelligence. Experience real transformation through connection and discover a deep sense of belonging. Reclaim your essential qualities of playfulness, creativity, sensuality, sensitivity, compassion, strength and power, so you can live ever more fully, freely and authentically. We will be working together as a group and in pairs using partner yoga, meditation and breathwork, conscious touch and reflective listening. Join us for a fun, relaxing and deeply connective workshop to help you learn about boundaries and consent, overcome your fears of intimacy and to support your relational skills.


Erika has been holding healing space to support people through the cycles and seasons of their lives for over thirty five years. She is a mother of two grown up daughters and has been in sacred relationship with their father for three decades. Erika walks the ‘pathless path’ in service to the Goddess; as a Tantra Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy Guide, Circle Holder, Soul Midwife, Trauma-certified Coach, Apprentice to Grief, and Somatic Therapist. (under construction)
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