Erika Tourell

Landing into Presence

A Somatic Movement and Yoga Nidra Session to help you arrive and enliven your body/mind.

Join Erika to help release accumulated tensions and stress through flowing movement, held postures, breath work, guided meditation and deep relaxation. This session offers you an opportunity to reconnect with Self and Source and to nourish yourself on every level of your being. Using the tried and tested technology of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, we will be cultivating self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love. We will be aligning ourselves with the Cosmos, Earth and Sky to help us feel more integrated, grounded and present to enjoy the whole Wider Horizons experience. No previous experience is required – complete beginners are warmly welcomed, as well as the intermediates and professionals.
 A Women’s Circle
An Invitation to heal the Sisterhood Wound.
When we gather women together we can feel a wonderful homecoming and enjoy a deep sense of belonging. We come together to remember who we are; to drop down and in to reconnect with our hearts and wombs. In circle we practice deep listening; to ourselves & our body wisdom, to each other, and to the rhythms of Mother Nature. In the circle we co-create sacred space for healing, embodiment and authentic relating. I draw from many different lineages and traditions as well as my own experience of healing to facilitate connection, unlearning and learning, whilst dismantling internalised systems of oppression and harm. The Sisterhood Wound is something we women have all experienced which stems from being raised under the harmful systems of patriarchy, capitalism, racism, classism, sexism and misogyny (to name a few). ‘Toxic femininity’ reveals itself as judgement, jealousy, hatred, competition and comparison. Once we bring the light of our awareness to these feelings, we can start transforming them through radical self-acceptance and self-compassion. Join us for this much-needed exploration and healing of the female psyche.


Due to her experience of complex trauma in her early years, Erika began a healing journey that has spanned four decades of study and practice. Erika is a Medicine Woman, Yogini, Mentor and Devotee in service to the Goddess, and takes delight in holding sacred ceremonial space for initiation, healing and transformation. She has supported women through the cycles and seasons of their lives for over thirty five years. Her passion lies in the reclamation of our sovereignty, erotic innocence, aliveness and pleasure. (under construction)
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