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Erika Tourell

Erika has been teaching yoga, working as a healer and facilitating transformational workshops and retreats over the last two decades in the UK and worldwide.  She is trained in many different healing modalities including physical therapies, yoga and meditation.  Erika teaches yoga in London’s top yoga centres as well as training yoga teachers for Triyoga and has her own private therapy practice in West London.  She is passionate about natural healing into wholeness and raising consciousness regarding the interrelatedness of Nature, the Cosmos and all living beings everywhere.  
Summer Solstice Yogaa gentle yet powerful awakening of the bodymind through breath work and mindful movement to encourage a heightened sense of aliveness, awareness, balance and wellbeing.  All levels of practitioner will be warmly welcomed including complete beginners.  

Time: Sunday June 21ST  09:00 AM

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