Erika Tourell

Yoga for Every Body

A gentle awakening of breath, body and senses to encourage an intimate connection with ourselves and the Earth. (90 minutes)
When we sink down and in, we inhabit the body, heart and senses allowing us to experience interconnectedness with all beings, including the other-than-human realm. Using movement, breath, voice and sound, Erika will guide you on a journey inwards and downwards into Holy Presence and the ever changing world of form; the body, the senses, the elements, the pain / pleasure reality (sukha:dukha) and the individual soul as the Deep Embodied Self.

Women’s Moon Circle

A sacred space for rest and nourishment, embodiment practices, wisdom sharing and connection. (2 hours)
Our moon circles provide a safe space for self reflection and self awareness.
The sacred space facilitates access to the body, the heart and our intuition.
By engaging in some embodiment practices including gentle movement, breath work, guided meditation, voice work and sharing, we promote nourishment through self acceptance and self love.
As we align our energy through the structure of a moon circle we experience greater clarity and vitality to show up for what we believe in, which enables us to pursue our passions. We also experience more spaciousness for communication, collaboration and appreciation — all of which contribute to our ability to take thoughtful action and contribute to collective wellness. The more deeply connected we are with ourselves and our tools for radical self care, the better equipped we are to stay centred amidst the chaos and make a meaningful impact — without burning out.


Erika is a devoted practitioner of Tantra Yoga and walks the pathless-path of the Deep Feminine. She practices and teaches Earth-based spirituality which encourages and supports embodied presence to help us stay grounded, conscious and connected to ourselves and the All-That-Is. Erika has been facilitating healing workshops and retreats over the last two decades in the UK and worldwide.  She is trained in many different healing modalities including physical therapies, yoga and meditation.  Erika teaches yoga in London’s top yoga centres as well as training yoga teachers for Triyoga and has her own private therapy practice in Notting Hill and Wales where she lives with her husband and two daughters.