Erika Tourell

Yoga for Every Body

Cultivating Compassion and Radical Self-Acceptance
Erika will be guiding you on a somatic journey to help you connect with the wisdom of your body.  Using breathwork, joint-freeing exercises and simple yoga postures you will learn how to ground and centre yourself, release stress and anxiety and stay connected to Source energy and your true nature.
Ancestors Circle 
Tapping into Collective Wisdom.
Learning to relate to our wise and well ancestors help us form a stronger sense of belonging.  Just as we relate with our friends and family, Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants, we can cultivate relationships with our ancestors – both near and far, as a source of resilience and guidance.  Through ritual and somatic movement Erika and John will be showing you ways to connect and develop your relationship to your greatest allies.


Erika has been working as a health practitioner in the field of healing and well-being for over thirty five years.  Using yoga, breath work, somatic movement, meditation and ritual, Erika artfully weaves a rich and creative tapestry of embodiment practices to help people reconnect with their true, divine nature.  Through earth-based spirituality we are gently reminded what a precious gift it is to be here in a human body on this beautiful earth to experience the mystery of life, one breath at a time.