Erika Tourell

Somatic Flow

Erika will be guiding us through a grounding and nourishing somatic practice which will include gentle yoga, breath work, free dance and yoga nidra (lying down guided meditation)

“Erika’s gift for curating healing spaces has held me through many challenging processes. They are filled with beauty and inspiration, and have been a much needed sanctuary in difficult times. I always leave feeling connected and grounded in my body, and more than once I have been moved to tears.”

Mindful Intimacy
Erika will be guiding us on a journey of intimate connection with self, source and other. As a way to practice clear communication and boundary setting, there will be some (optional) exercises to join up with another person for some partner yoga, breathing support and conscious touch/massage.

“Erika has a beautifully warm, gentle and caring character and this comes through in her practice. I immediately felt cared for, seen and heard and this opened up the opportunity to connect deeply with my partner. The notion of true connection seems to be diminishing across our communities, so feeling such deep, true and authentic connection is a welcome blessing. Erika’s knowledge with relationships is very apparent and the subsequent wisdom shines through her work, which felt very powerful indeed.”


Erika Tourell is a somatic practitioner/therapist with 35 yrs professional experience in the tantric/daoist/shamanic healing arts. She is a well-being consultant, ritualist, tantra yoga and meditation teacher, breath worker, birth/grief /trauma doula, soul midwife, transformational coach/mentor specialising in awakening consciousness, holistic healing, mindful intimacy, sacred sexuality and grief tending. She is passionate about liberating all beings by dismantling internalised systems of oppression through education and co-creating healthy human culture. (under construction)
IG @erikatourell_healing