Eshana Spiers (Assisted by Alistair Mayor)

Befriending your People Pleaser

Have you ever said yes to something when you really meant no? Do you take on more than you have capacity for? Do you abandon yourself when you’re around others? Do you get frustrated and resentful for not doing what you really want? If so, come and join this interactive workshop where we will be getting to know your people pleasing parts. We will explore in an embodied way why they show up in your life and what is going on in your nervous system. Once we’ve built a connection with your people pleasing parts, we will practice new ways to safely be in your authentic expression.


Eshana is a Psychosexual Somatics Coach for adults and Relationships and Sex Educator for young people. All of Eshana’s work is driven by a hearty passion to support people to engage with life from their hearts, power, sexuality and vulnerability.

“Eshana has a unique skill to create a safe space for everyone to open up, connect and overcome their barriers. Her workshops are truly a magical experience.”

“I came away feeling so soft, relaxed and smiley. You held the space so beautifully, softly and clearly and even when I felt at my edges I was able to stay more peacefully with them. It felt really magical and expansive.”