Latin, Reggae, AfroFunk with a Mystic Twist! An ecstatic, expressing our global spiritual and energetic transformation, Fantuzzi is an Ambassador of Joy and a Global Troubadour. Fantuzzi’s charismatic, funny, sensual energy and music never fail to get people moving & grooving.

A “NewYorican” (Puerto Rican born in New York), Fantuzzi’s AfroCaribbean roots and global life adventures showcase his unique chants, soulful songs and joyful dances.

Found around the world leading musicians in spiritual and musical gatherings, often as MC as well as star performer, Fantuzzi has performed at thousands of events around the world including: Carnegie Hall, United Nations, Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit, Los Angeles and Oakland Coliseums, 3 Woodstocks, 7 Kumbh Melas, over 40 Rainbow Gatherings, 18+ Burning Man gatherings, Cannabis & Munchie Cups, Bali Spirit Fest, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Bhakti Fest, Mystic Garden Parties, Raw Spirit Festival, Glastonbury Fayre and other European and Australian Festivals including the astounding 5-day Woodford Festival near Brisbane.

Fantuzzi’s recordings include the upbeat “Tribal Revival”, sublimely spiritual “Divine Inspiration” and the eclectically delicious “Ease & Grace”. A new Latin album inspired by his work & volunteer efforts in Cuba and Puerto Rico is in the pipeline.

Fantuzzi has appeared on numerous movies and shows including National Television’s, “Eye on LA”, featuring on their “World Beat Special”. He has played with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Stephen Stills, Billy Preston, Richie Havens, Babatunde Olatunji, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Cedella Marley Booker, Taj Mahal, Joe Higgs and Third World.

Fantuzzi’s friendships include a host of spiritual masters and psychedelic gurus such as Ram Dass and the late Timothy Leary. Fantuzzi’s vision of peace on earth has been the driving force behind his continuous touring, dedicated to sharing good news, high vibes and the message of love.

Facebook page Fantuzzi Music has videos, snapshots and a link to Fantuzzi’s website and store. The page Love At First Bite showcases his autobiography Love At First Bite Adventures of a 21st Century Troubadour.