Geoff Greentree

Bender Building creates a space for the participants to develop their own semi-autonomous area within the event. We will cut the poles, then create a structure large enough for about 20 to stand in.

A good team-building exercise. I see it taking place over 2 sessions 3-4 hours in duration.

I see it as a way to:

Create a good team building ethos,

Show alternative ways to create indoor spaces,

Give the particpants a chance to be deeper in the woods working with wood from the woods.

Enhance the environment with human structures rather than detract from it.

Geoff Greentree has been involved in the human potential movement for several decades.

Working in irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa; returning to the UK, becoming a rebirther and Shiatsu practitioner in the 1980’s, then working in USA  with HiV/Aids at the end of that decade. Discovering the Sweat Lodge and training in the US and Mexico to bringing that ancient medicine back to UK and elsewhere.

Geoff was involved with performative arts and music throughout this time and has performed in various incarnations in the musical avant-garde. Geoff also worked in mental health and addiction issues with the NHS using Shiatsu and music therapy.

Geoff is interested in bringing out our own cultural integrity, the spirit of the land, to bring out the very best in us all.