George Barker BACP Dipl (Couns. Psych) and Ben Ben Ji

Sing To Life

(a two-hour workshop)

Sing To Life is an experiential workshop to open our bodies minds and hearts to the inspiration, energy and joy at the heart of life. We will connect with stillness, breath, sound, song and movement and explore tools that can help with the choices and challenges we may face as we find our way in a world that has many opportunities whilst also at times appearing to be confusing and overwhelming. Using meditation, visualisation, breath work, vocal techniques, Yoga and Chi Gung, we will explore a sacred setting; meet ourselves and each other in a deeper, more connected way; and learn to express the insight, appreciation, joy, compassion, and loving kindness we find there.

Exercises and movements to help you open up your physical and energetic body and to align yourself with an ever-present source of vitality and energy. Meditations and visualisations to help connect you with a deeper more sacred self to bring insight and inspiration to your daily life. Vocal and breathing exercises to build confidence in yourself and your voice.
Ways to remember what’s important and reconnect to a deeper sense of being and happiness.
To use voice, sound and breath to bring healing to yourself and the world around you.
To sing devotional songs from the sacred religious and indigenous wisdom traditions of the world and reconnect with your ancestral roots through this music and sacred community.
To use ceremonial space as a way of attracting and strengthening positive energy.
To use the natural world and your inner dream world as a source of healing and inspiration.

This workshop is for those who:
Wish to discover a deeper connection with themselves and life and to gain more insight into their life path.
Want stronger support and validation for their highest aspirations and intentions.
Would like more joy in their life.
Feel that they would like to have more confidence in themselves and their voice.
Want to explore ways of compassionately relating to the impact of social, environmental and political challenges we face rather than dissociating or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.
Feel that they would like to express themselves more in music and song.
Wish to make their lives more of a true expression of the sacred.
Wish to celebrate and appreciate their lives in a beautiful and devotional way.
Wish to bring greater energy, inspiration and health to their lives and to those around them.
Wish to explore a deeper sense of what it means to be fully alive.
Wish to learn more about the mystical traditions of stillness, sound, music and song.
Wish to help themselves and each other to wake up, remember, and love deeply and actively their families, friends, communities and the natural world.
Wish to create conscious communities and pockets of love and vitality in the world.
Mystical traditions of stillness, sound, music and song.


George Barker
Musician, Producer, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Director Golden Rock Retreat Centre, George began his musical journey working for Music Producer Youth before creating his own label and production studio – Flying Rhino Records. After a successful career as a musician, producer and DJ he trained under renowned Burmese Buddhist master, The Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw and English Meditation master, Burgs, and has been an assistant teacher for Burgs for 20 years. He set up Golden Rock Retreat centre in Bali, Indonesia with Burgs and then trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Dreamwork. He has spent many years exploring various indigenous wisdom cultures particularly building a long lasting friendship with the Huni Kuin people of Brazil, and worked with Bruce Parry in India and South America on his film Tawai: A voice from the Forest (2017).
“As a professional musician, producer and therapist, my greatest joy is to help bring life to the sacred in each of us through music, song and community – to be inspired and to inspire from the creative still point from which all sound and life emerge. We are all touched deeply by this healing force and by the sense of inspiration, connection and respect that we find in ceremonial music and song – for ourselves, each other and the beauty of our natural world, just waiting for us in every moment.”
Ben Ben Ji from the Rainbow Family will lead sacred songs from around the world. He will be playing guitar and teaching the songs.  We sing in sacred space as an offering of gratitude for this beautiful, holy life we’re all in together, and send healing intentions where they are needed.
Sing, drum, clap, dance and join in any way you like.  Please bring musical instruments and a blanket or cushion to sit on. You are welcome to share a song or two if you’d like to.
Ben learnt from Sannyasins in India to play guitar and sing bhajans and Osho songs from the age of 7. Ben has travelled the world learning songs from India, the South American Medicine tradition and Rainbow Gatherings.  He held singing circles for many years for Green Angels and Inspiral Lounge and now runs Wider Horizons Singing Circles. The songs are a beautiful gift from spirit. When you hear these songs you might remember them, even though you have never heard them before.  They carry ancient magic.  Ben Ben Ji is now sharing these songs with us at our Wasing Well Being events.  Come sing and meditate in sacred space. It will help you feel attuned and at peace within yourself, with your community and with nature.

Ben Ben Ji is producer of Wider Horizons – The Transformational Gathering in Nature for Young Adults.