George Sargent-Childs

Movement of Discovery

A yoga-based workshop incorporating different movement practices from around the world, inspired by
an inquiry process to encourage the participant to uncover a deeper sense of embodied self. During this
workshop, George intends to create a fun and engaging environment where participants can laugh and
dance, whilst being held in a deeply scared space for deepening into embodied self. There will be an
extended meditation at the end of the practice with a guided visual meditation inspired by the practice
of Yoga Nidra. This 1.5 hour workshop is open to all abilities and ages, and steps away from traditional
“aesthetics” of yoga to allow for a more inclusive and functional approach to movement.

Leading a Balanced Life and Unlocking Soul Purpose: The Puruṣārtha

In this workshop George hopes to enlighten those who attend on the Purusarthra – the pursuits, aims and objectives written in ancient Hindu scripture as a guide to live a balanced life.

Find balance in the chaotic waves of life can be a hard task; we have to discover who we truly
are, find our soul’s purpose, make a living out of it and somehow find time for pleasure and our
heart’s desire, relationships and friendships. Do we drop one? We can’t drop work or we won’t
be able to afford to live. We can’t drop our friends and the pleasures of life or we won’t have fun,
our have time for self-care and healing. We can’t give up on our soul’s purpose because it will
just keep on calling. And who are we anyway? We can’t give up on our spiritual pursuits or
we’ve lost the point of it all…
In this workshop I hope to enlighten those who attend on the Purusarthra – the pursuits, aims
and objectives written in ancient Hindu scripture as a guide to live a balanced life. Through this
we will learn how to treat every moment in life as a practice of yoga, to recognise every day’s
sacred nature and how everything we do interweaves into a divine tapestry of existence. In
doing so we can come to a greater understanding of how to balance our own lives, and gain
insight into our purpose, and share with each other our own adventures in balance. Through
discussion, meditation and teaching, this workshop will be a balance of information and
discovery – and, of course, we’ll have some fun.

Men’s work

A space to sit in circle with men as brothers, express ourselves in a contained
and sacred space and ground the energy of masculinity. We’ll share what we want to bring
into our lives and the world. It will be an opportunity to experience a sense of togetherness
and union.


George is a yoga and meditation teacher, men’s work coach, kirtan wallah and sacred space holder; he
has been a lover of movement practices for over 10 years and currently lives and teaches in Bristol, UK.
During the week George is a secondary school teacher of Religious Education, teaching young humans
about the many ways to kiss the ground and pray. George incorporates his in-depth knowledge and
passion for world religions and philosophies into his space holding practice, using approaches from
around the world to create sacred space for movement, meditation and song. George will be holding
space for men’s work, yoga and a workshop on the Hindu Puruṣārtha.

Instagram: @movefastmoveslow