Giovanni Pellegrino

This workshop will be the sharing of my lifelong experience through all the different spiritual paths I’ve been through to find ourselves in the here now.  We will connect with the light within and with our angels and our guides with simplicity and humbleness. Feeling the presence of the divine in every moment of our lives.  In the Spring Equinox experience we will be letting go of the old and the being reborn in the new.  It will be a journey to help to guide you through these times.

Communication is a gift God gave us to make a step from the intellect to the subconscious.  In the beginning was the word and the word was with God.  Rainbow is sound, but in the rainbow we cannot see the sound. So the touch of light is like touching a rainbow.  The rainbow is visible for a moment, and the touch of light shows there is more than the 3 dimensions in the is world. The rainbow is actually so beautiful because it makes the invisible visible for a moment and then the intellect cannot deny anymore that there is something beyond our understanding and comprehension.

I was born in 1957.  My first spiritual path was as a traditional pagan in the Nordic and Celtic culture. I was officially initiated into a Druidic Order in Germany and Norway.  From the Pagan tradition I was introduced to Runes and was initiated and my name was Runar.  I learned to dance and sing the runes.

I travelled with the Magic Bus, the Sunshine Express in The Magic Bus from Athens to India and Kabul in Afghanistan before the war in Afghanistan began. Then I found the Rainbow Family.

I made workshops all over the world as a Reiki teacher for 26 years.  I developed my own system called, “Touch of Light.”  I connected with Christ consciousness and Christ Spirit connecting with Archangels, connecting with the light within and the light which is coming from the angelic world.

I now work in the Catholic church in Santorini on a sacred island here in Greece.   I make the translations of the ceremonies to English and make a link between the tourist congregation and the Priest.

I have been deeply immersed in many traditions – hippy, shamanic, Hindu and Buddhist and finally now back to Christian.