Heart Activation Breathing & Energy Healing

A Combination of BreathWork, Energy Healing, Intention & Guided Meditation.  Gently Connecting to and acknowledging the Sacred Heart, and all it does for us. Learning to use our own Energy to Heal, to Release, to FREE
Embody Your Own Light – Embody Your Truth
Gurj has been studying Spirituality and Healing from various perspectives for decades. Eventually leading to him opening his own Healing Space (named SEEK WITHIN) where clients come for 1 to 1 or group sessions. Gurj’s focus is mainly Energy Healing (Prana / Reiki), Meditation, Sound, Breathwork, Intentions and Readings – Combined to Create a Unique Experience of Evolution & Growth – with fast, noticeable and lasting improvements. Gurj is Fully Certified with Many Courses & Skills, Member of an Association and Insured as a Practitioner