Hanna Angell

Return to Love; A journey from separation to connection and intimacy.  

As humans, we often stand alone; feeling stuck and afraid of our own power and how the world receives us.

Overwhelmed at times and disconnected from our bodies, our intuition and our hearts’ sacred messages, creating barriers to true connection, with self and others.

In this workshop, we will come together, through both individual and group work, in beautifully slow, empowering and honouring ways, to connect in with the truth of who you really are, how you show up in the world and the how to safely open to depth, love and intimacy.

A space to soften into vulnerability, to love and to celebration- off all that you are and all that you bring to life. To learn to slow down, to lower the walls that you may hide behind and step into the fullness of you.

And from that place, we can meet one another in inspired, healthy and intimate ways.

You are invited to join us to be seen and held as you are guided to connect with your body; practicing conscious touch exercises and breath, opening your voice through accessing and speaking your wants, needs and boundaries and listening to your heart, your truth and your wisdom.

To be supported and celebrated in your wild and tender ways, to remember the love that you are.

The uniqueness of you and the beauty that weaves us all together.


Hanna Angell has over 10yrs experience in holding safe, trauma informed and sacred spaces for change and transformation, supporting others in living open, authentic, conscious and heart-centred lives.

To discovering, loving and celebrating their magnificence and aliveness and bringing ceremony into their everyday reality.

She works with others to bring healing and peace within grief, moving beyond trauma and opening to true intimacy with self, each other, the land and great mystery that is life.

She currently lives in East Sussex and offers workshops, retreats, ceremonies and one to one sessions in the UK, Europe and beyond.