Hetty Nutbeem, Rachel Sullivan, Emba Goodwin

Circus Flow Arts Workshop


Hetty, Rachel and Emba are a group of playful and friendly circusy beings, passionate about sharing their skills at all ability levels.
They offer – hula hoop, poi, juggling, diablo and acro balance. Moving with flow toys is not only mesmerising to watch, but also gives the mind and body a shared focus. As they spin the toys and dance with them, they create many beautiful geometries around their bodies! These hypnotic movements bring them into a natural moving meditation. Flow toys assist us in balancing the right and left brains and coordinating our bodies and minds, not to mention the natural release of endorphins and dopamines that comes with the experience of flowing combined with the satisfaction of learning and mastering our new moves! Circus Flow is a super fun holistic activity and practice that nourishes the mind, the body and the soul. Come and play!