Hetty Nutbeem

Rainbow Serpent Chakra Dance

A trance dance chakra journey beginning with kundalini breathing exercises and the Rainbow Light meditation to awaken the serpent within and invite the kundalini energy to begin weaving its healing magic into our whole bodies, minds and spirits!

The dance begins slowly and in the key of the base chakra, down low, close to the earth and continues to build through the keys/chakras all the way to the crown and beyond!

Interwoven into the music to enrich, expand and authenticate the experience, will be solfeggio frequencies and accurate sound frequencies from the harmonics of nature.

To finish there will be guided relaxation and yoga nidra.

Medicine at Your Feet

An introduction to 5 common everyday plants that most people identify as weeds. There is a handout to accompany the workshop with simple descriptions about the properties of each plant. This workshop teaches about the edible and medicinal qualities of these plants and how to extract and prepare them so they can be used in everyday life to create greater health and a more intimate connection to the wild flow of Nature’s Glory glowing and growing all around us!

The group takes a walk to identify and meet the plants personally, initiating a practice of foraging to use daily to connect ourselves more deeply with the land we walk upon.


I am Hetty Rainbow Lightbeam, a multidimensional alchemist working and serving in myriad ways to weave and anchor the Rainbow Light and Divine Love into all of Life.

I am a DJ, dancer and Medicine Woman with many colourful and useful strings to my bow and a passion for passing on my gifts and empowering others with knowledge and experience to walk a balanced, wholesome and holistic path through Life.