Hope Mayhew

Hope’s focus is on finding unique and simple ways to improve our everyday wellbeing. Having been involved in the running of weekly wellbeing workshops in Bristol and a part of the Science of Happiness team, Hope has gained an understanding of the most effective ways to channel our social energy in positive directions and encourage people to connect in a meaningful way.

The friendship speed dating workshop made its festival debut last summer and brought those together who were otherwise strangers. The workshop centres around the fun and the beauty we experience through connection when we open ourselves up to the potential of others surrounding us.


It may have been a while since you explored a new connection, chatted to a stranger in the street, bumped into an unfamiliar smiley face at the bar. Well, how about an online dating journey like you’ve never experienced before?  This workshop centres around unique and creative interactions with strangers, giving you the opportunity to get to know the characters you might be surrounding yourself with this weekend. Of course, there will be a round of ‘speed dating’ – a chance to ask and answer questions both big and small about the usual, the weird and the wonderful, but this session will also encourage creative activities to foster an interplay of fun, light-hearted and self-reflective communication. Bring your pens and pencils.  If you are looking to widen your horizons and your circle, this is the space.