James Mermagen, Druid

Synchronicity Workshop

Ben has asked me to do his workshop again, so I look forward enormously to sharing what synchronicity means and how I use it as a guide in life each day. This is an interactive workshop, so I look forward thoroughly to hearing many of your experiences also.
This is a subject, that in the wider world is almost taboo, so the more we can share such wisdom to take into our daily lives, especially at these challenging times the more we will be successfully guided along each of our own personal paths.

Wand Making Workshop

Also, back by popular demand is my wand making workshop. I have been gobsmacked over the years  with the truly stunning wands that have been created at successive Wider Horizons gatherings. This is a fun workshop in which we will go out to the woods in the grounds of Chaucer Barn, to choose live material to bring back and turn into magical talismans that you can take home for your shrines and every day use in your practice.


James Mermagen is a druid who lives with his partner Ruth and their two children at the barns he converted on his farm in north Norfolk. Part retreat, part mystery school, Chaucer Barn – when not hosting weddings – holds retreats which explore the infinite potential of magic within every individual. Solstice and Equinox vigils held within its stone circle and are open to all.