Jimena Paratcha

Jimena Paratcha, Active Community Leader, Energy Worker and Event Producer

In her youthful breakdancing days Jimena was exposed to the harsh reality of youngsters living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Due to the emotional impact of this she felt a strong calling to empower the children and young people of Latin America and immediately began volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens around the continent, eventually becoming a founding leader of Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC Trust). Having developed the capacity of 22 project partners in 5 major cities, ABC Trust became a founding partner of Street Child United, a global platform to voice the rights of young people at risk around the world.  After 20 years working in the community development and social justice sector, Jimena turned towards the emerging environmental crisis and focused on the protection of ecosystems. She actively campaigned for Ecocide Law alongside Polly Higgins and initiated the Fossil Free campaign in Sussex. Jimena continues to produce events to raise awareness and funds, as well as help establish networks for positive change. A dynamic activist for transformation on the inner and outer worlds, Jimena has nurtured a keen interest in diverse healing and energy modalities. Becoming initiated into the Siddha Kundalini lineage, and Nature Mysticism of Andean Peru, whilst bridging Indigenous traditions of Amazonian Brazil as a Guardian of the Huni Kuin and the Yawanawa, she has established simple yet powerful ways to support the best and highest potential of herself and the diverse communities she is active in.

An ancient sacred ceremony that has been practiced for centuries in the Andes mountain range of Peru, a despacho is an act of love that reminds us of the interconnectedness shared between all beings, elements, spirits and sacred spaces.

They are created in gratitude to our Pachamama, Earth Mother, for all that she gives us, and in honour of the healing and wholeness we wish to create for ourselves and our communities.

The despacho ceremony is a way to lift the darkness while collectively drawing in positivity and hope. This teaching and ritual aims to give you the practises to assist you and others during trying times.

Honouring the mountain traditions of the Q’uero people with practices to release heavier energies and align our intentions, we will become clearer vessels for divine grace to create a beautifully and thoughtfully crafted mandala of natural offerings.

The despacho is full of flowers, herbs, symbolic natural objects and prayers of the participants. As elements are added to the prayer bundle the vibration of the group rises. The despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.

A powerful way to set strong intentions and to plant the seeds of our dreams, we will deepen our connection to ourselves and all living things.

Kindly bring an open heart and some natural offerings to this special ceremony.

As with any offering, having a special inner connection with components of the despacho is what allows our emotional centre to align with everything else.

At the end of our ceremony the energy of intention that is captured and contained within the despacho is released back into the universe, where its message of reciprocity and gratitude can reach the most appropriate form of manifestation renewing harmony and balance.

I very much look forward to co-creating this deep hearted offering with you,

Jimena x

‘May all of our prayers be heard with sweetness and sincerity from the pure and innocent place from which they stem and for the highest good of all’

Despacho Ingredients and Meanings

Below you’ll find a large collection of items for a despacho. Each one comes with its own symbolic meaning, yet, meaning is subjective. Allow yourself to be organically inspired, choosing what is most easily accessible to you remembering that the most important ingredient is INTENT… x

Vegetable Offerings

  • Copal: offering to the lower world, the shadow
  • Frankincense: offering to the upper world, the light
  • Palo Santo: space for our prayers
  • Coca: sacred wisdom of pacha mama
  • Tobacco: offering to the sky father
  • Sage: purification, banishment of the negative
  • Anise: celebration, sensuality
  • Berries: rewards, fruits of labor
  • Cedar: wisdom of the forest
  • Corn: a gift of the earth, sustenance
  • Cornmeal: offering to the earth mother
  • Cotton: dreams, clouds, mountain snows
  • Figs: ancient mountain spirits
  • Flowers: the beauty of nature, the power of light, reproduction and fertility
  • Garlic: absorption of the negative
  • Grains: sustenance, abundance
  • Lavender: purity, purification
  • Laurel: sacredness, victory over adversity
  • Leaves: honoring nature spirits
  • Lima Beans: sacred places, huaqas, power spots
  • Liquor: high energy, honoring the spirit world, our ancestors
  • Peanuts: caves, places for elemental spirits
  • Raising: offering to the dead
  • Rice: offerings to the spirit world
  • Sweets: fertility, beginnings, potential
  • Sugar: sweetness, feeding the spirits
  • Vegetable oil: our connection to the nourishing power of nature
  • Red Wine: honoring the mother, menstrual blood
  • White Wine: honoring the moon, fluids of purification, urine

Mineral Offerings

  • Gold: masculine, the sun, insight
  • Silver: feminine, the moon, intuition
  • Agate: acceptance, emotional and physical balance, raises consciousness
  • Amber: protection, memory, calming
  • Amethyst: higher knowledge, insight, grounded psychic growth, courage, self-esteem
  • Aventurine: joy, mental clarity, positive attitudes
  • Bloodstone: blood and heart healing, vitality, courage, higher states of consciousness
  • Calcite: astral projection, balances yin/yang qualities
  • Citrine: successful relationships, letting goof addictions, self confidence
  • Copper: the earth’s gift, conductivity
  • Diamond: removes blockages, balances the mind, sexuality and power
  • Fluorite: practicality, getting things done, ability to perceive higher levels of reality
  • Garnet: circulation, stimulates imagination, self-esteem and willpower, calms anger
  • Hematite: protection, aids astral projection, increases self-esteem
  • Herkimer: cleanses subtle bodies, past life memory, clairvoyance and dream work
  • Iron: strength, persistence, endurance, direction
  • Jade: good luck and prosperity, strong immune system, divine love, protection
  • Loadstone: the power to attract and bind together
  • Moonstone: receptivity, intuition, sensitivity, clairvoyance
  • Obsidian: removal of obstacles and negativity, prophetic vision
  • Opal: protection, cosmic consciousness, intuition, emotional balance
  • Peridot: clarity, patience, clairvoyance, positive emotional outlooks
  • Pyrite: material realization, good fortune, eases anxiety
  • Clear Quartz: purity of perception, purity of intention
  • Rose Quartz: love and romance, purity of feeling, confidence, expression, creativity
  • Smokey Quartz: purification, elimination of shadow aspects, fertility, creativity, joy
  • Rutilate quartz: breaks old patterns, childhood blockages, ease depression
  • Rhodochrosite: cleansing of subconscious, self-identity
  • Ruby: spiritual balance, heart healing, confidence, flexibility, vitality, leadership
  • Salt: protection, boundaries
  • Sapphire: communication with spirit guides, clairvoyance, telepathy, expression
  • Tigers Eye: works on mass consciousness to separates desire from need
  • Tourmaline: dispels fear, negativity and grief, promotes balance, eases compulsiveness
  • Turquoise: fresh starts, offering to the ancestors, strength of entire body, protection

Animal Offerings

  • Animal shapes: honouring our relatives in the animal kingdom
  • Fat: purest form of energy
  • Bone: our inner core, structure, connection to animal relatives
  • Coral: the power of the sea, the subconscious
  • Egg shells: the unborn, purity, healing
  • Feathers: connection to the ether and sky
  • Human hair: honoring our connection to the animal world
  • Milk: connection to the mother, honoring trees
  • Pearls: infinite wisdom and purity
  • Shells: depth, faith, flexibility