Jonny O’Donnell


Megg and Jonny have nestled down together and are now bringing their magic to spaces together.

Megg is a Somatic Embodiment Coach and former Play & Creative Arts Therapist, with a love of all things playful, cosy and nourishing. She is devoted to creating warm heart filled spaces where we can begin to feel more at ease as we take a deeper breath, as we soften into our bodies, and open into our hearts.

Megg invites you to root down into our own inner resourcefulness, in the simplest of ways, so that you can begin to rise and reclaim the very essence of you and all that you came here to be.

Jonny is a Conscious Mentor and Musician with a passion to bring us home to the conscious presence that is our most natural and peaceful state of being. He loves to channel creative expression as a means of connecting to universal flow and empowering the authentic voice.

He welcomes you to move from deep spaces of contemplation to wild and joyous moments of celebration, where you can feel alive and together with your fellow brothers and sisters!

Embodied Nesting

My love, where in our lives have we been bracing… and when was the last time you felt truly held…

That same sensation of comfort that follows a bear hug… or that sigh of relief when you land on to the sofa after a long day…

Come and nest with us in this individual and/or shared somatic exploration, as we explore how it might be to soften into the moment, ourselves, each other…

Connecting, arriving… as we land together into ease. Savouring the nourishment of the nest.

Jonny O’Donnell Live Music

Jonny shares music from the space he has found in the stillness and love through his inner journey. He seeks to open hearts and take listeners on a journey within themselves, and on through into joy and dance. His songs weave lyrics that reflect on Spirituality – guiding each other home with music.