Josh Coleman

Heart Opening Shamanic Healing Ceremony

During this workshop, participants will be taken on a safe, guided shamanic journey through their inner landscape via guided meditations, icaros (medicine songs) and energetic healing to connect with and explore their heart, clear any blocks that may lay there and call back the power needed to create a safe, nurturing connection to the heart that allows it to naturally flourish and blossom open.

After a brief welcome and introduction, participants will be connecting to the body and its sensations, the heart, their visualisations and their differing inner parts to take themselves on their own journey to bring about heart based connection, healing and harmony. The ceremony will finish with a short sharing circle.


Josh was thrust into the depths of life at the age of 15 after the death of his brother. After the beginnings of spiritual awakening at the age of 22 he was led on to the path of spiritual healing and learning how to transmute years of repressed grief and pain. After working with plant medicines with the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon at 23, a deep and powerful awakening and initiation into shamanism has shown him the way of the shaman and how to work closely and authentically with spirit, energy, medicine and healing.

After a heavy crisis in 2020, Josh has focused deeply on connecting to the body and has learned how to safely harness spiritual power, embody the teachings and magic of medicine and shamanism and bring his own unique, lighthearted, playful essence to his work. He offers 1:1 shamanic healing journeys, workshops, ceremonies and retreats. You can follow his journey on instagram

60-90mins long
Bring a blanket and something to lay on