Jote Prakash Singh

Jote Prakash Singh Khalsa has spent much of his life craving elevation and ecstatic states. From being young and finding it through high-octane extreme sports such as parkour and skateboarding to being a teenager and looking for it through drugs and alcohol. After a spiritual awakening that was un-grounded and happened too quickly (the doctors called it psychosis, we call it ‘The Big Trip’) he was gifted the chance to do Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at The Rising Dawn Sanctuary; a Whole-istic Centre Jote Prakash and his Mum have set up in East Yorkshire. And so, through the practice, at age 18, he came to the realisation that all the joyful and heightened states in the Universe can be inspired within ourselves – he still loves parkour of course but the drugs and alcohol have been shown the door. Jote Prakash also loves Yoga and Meditation, Martial Arts, Capoeira, Breakdancing, Chanting with his guitar and raving hard just using his breath.


This promises to be a beautiful and profound experience whilst also deeply challenging you to grow and elevate One’s Self.

At 4.30am we will gather – in silent reverence – to meditate, pray, chant and practice yoga.

In the early morning ambrosial hours, called the Amrit Vela, the world is quiet and peace is imminent. We meditate at this time as the link between our world and the spirit world is most tangible.

Sadhana will launch you into your day feeling victorious and energised with a deep knowing that you can handle anything!

Kundalini Yogi’s will often wear white and a head covering during sadhana to keep our energy pure and radiant. Although this is absolutely not essential, the invitation is there.

And if you’re feeling very brave, perhaps have a cold shower beforehand?

Look forward to seeing you all in the Sacred Morning Light