Karen Lee

As above So Below…Astro Magical Theatre

We’ll be working with the astrological chart for imbolc 2023 which falls on the 5th February I’ll talk a little about the chart and the energies it holds which will lead us into the Spring Equinox.
Open circle will have participants bring a question or an intent, there will be some cards either tarot or astrological cards face down pertaining to the Astro elements within the chart.
Each participant will pick a card and show the group and will perform a gesture or movement as suggested by the input from the group, to help embody the element.
We will have a guided meditation, then each participant will go outside for a 15 min vision quest to make a small ritual to bring back something to add the group ritual performance.
On return we will get into small groups to discuss how they will enact their experience with beginning middle and end find props or costume, face paint to help create their performance.
We will then perform the chart by standing in circle of chart enactment. I will pick a card and that player will perform a 1/2 minute performance supported by the circle each player can choose what they may like the other players to do to enhance their piece.
We will finish with a closing grounding and smudging.

I have been a professional Astrologer and tarot reader for 30 years, I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor and Cranio- sacral therapist. I have run workshops in tarot and dream work and art therapy…I am currently about to create an Astro drama group to perform charts and hold workshops to tour the festivals.

Length of workshop 2 and 1/2 hours
Maximum number of participants: 15