Kristina Evans

Kristina is a teacher of meditation, a space holder for sacred ritual and a guide for expansion.

Kristina has studied spirituality and practised meditation for over 25 years, with ongoing training in the Amazonian and Andean traditions of Peru as well as working with indigenous tribes of South America.

After completing a Psychology degree, Kristina worked for many years in the corporate world before founding her wellbeing practice in 2011. She offers diverse work, including teaching Mindfulness in secondary schools, holding space with both teen and adult groups for meditation and personal development, corporate wellbeing sessions and private work with individuals aligned with Earth energy.

Kristina has served Cacao for the last 7 years with the clear purpose to guide participants into the heart space in order to open to new level of awareness and higher perspective.

“My work is offered with the clear intention to open the heart and reignite the ancient wisdom within every human being.”

Cacao Ceremony – Expansion into a space of wonder to experience peace and empowerment.

An opportunity to work with a plant medicine in a safe and held sacred space.  Cacao opens the heart and facilitates expansion of awareness in order to move into right relationship with Self.

The sooner that you can be introduced to new ways of being, the stronger your emotional intelligence and ability to navigate the world will become.

This two-hour workshop will guide you to be aware of and express your feelings, strengthen your self-acceptance and open to a higher perspective on your relationships and life. This work also deepens connection to the intelligence of the plants and Mother Earth.

We will open the Seven Directions, each participant will work with their personal intentions aligned with the elements of Fire and Water, be guided through a meditative journey with sound and breath to connect with inner peace and strength.

In alliance with the intelligence of the Cacao spirit, we will harness the pulse of the Solstice Sun to activate and bring into being the dormant gifts within us that are now ready to come online.  Right now is the time for these inherent abilities to awaken. 

Connect with the 3 suns to feel, strengthen and catalyse your power which is ready to emerge.


Together we will drink Cacao and you will be guided to open your receptivity to the forces of Nature that wish for you to succeed in these times.  This is an opportunity for focussed prayer to release and call in what is required for your full authentic Self to arise.

We will complete with a sharing circle to integrate the experiences and insights received.

“The Cacao Circles with young adults continue to grow in strength as the participants move towards greater self-acceptance, learn to communicate on new levels and rise in awareness in order to express their feelings.”

Duration of 60-90min