Kristina Evans

Cacao Ceremony

An opportunity to strengthen our connection with Nature’s intelligence, held by the exquisite medicine of Cacao. We come together in sacred circle to deepen our relationship with Self, to harmonise with the group and enhance our receptivity to the growing Universal current available to us in these times. You will be guided deep into your Presence to realise and bring into conscious knowing your strengths and unique gifts.


Kristina is a mentor and space holder for ceremony and ritual, guiding those who come to connect with the intelligence of Earth. She has been serving Cacao for over a decade in intimate circles and large festivals with the intention to guide participants to experience authentic expansion on all levels.

“My afternoon with Kristina our host and angel at the cacao Equinox ceremony, has been a beautiful and deeply profound experience, honestly! I’m still processing 2 days later and feel so immensely grateful to be doing this work with such a loving and authentic guide. My heart feels ridiculously alive and vital which is phenomenal as it’s been for a long time a heart that’s been sad, hurt and terrified and had given all its power and will away to my head. No longer!I feel right now that I’m living and walking to a different beat, my heart is now hopeful and confident again about the direction and needs it has. I’m blown away and feel astounded by the shift.”

“Really enjoyed the cacao circle, cried a bit and danced with joy. Felt so much love for everyone. Loving energy all around.”

“I still feel the warmth and the subtle joy from yesterday. Bless you for that!”

“Thank you for your wonderful ceremony! I’ve had so much going on after that and it’s been so transformative. Feeling like things are moving to the right direction.”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for facilitating a truly beautiful cacao circle yesterday – so very heart opening & special.”