Lara Cowan

How can we access natural anti-depressants to build robust minds and bodies?

At a time when our mental health might seem more threatened than ever, this will be an opportunity to discover and use basic scientific principles of nature and discover what they can do to heal and to teach us.

You will also have an opportunity to learn how to deepen your natural intuitive abilities to help you create what you love more effortlessly during these unpredictable times and beyond.

The session will begin with a guided mindful meditation session.

There will then be a talk on ‘How to access natural anti-depressants‘ in nature followed by an open discussion about creating new routines to support your mental health.

We will close with a guided intuitive meditation setting an intention to receive guidance on actions that you can take to help you create peace in your life.

* Bring a pen and paper

* Ideally sit beside a window you can open


15 mins mindful mediation

30 mins talk and discussion

10 mins intuitive guidance

Lara Cowan

Botanic Shed is evolving the way people connect with and relate to nature.

The Botanic Shed School of Nature helps people observe and understand nature’s processes in order to bring balance to their life.

They create content and experiences that educate, inform and inspire people to connect to nature and natural medicine in order to build strength and resilience.

It is run by Lara Cowan (The BBC Radio Oxford Nature Preacher) and her daughter.

Get involved:
– Watch: YouTube ‘Relate to Nature‘
– Listen: Nature Preacher on BBC Radio Oxford
– Listen: Podcast Series on Journal of Biophilic Design
– Events: Nature based Retreats, Therapies & Meetings

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About the Founder: Lara Cowan was an award-winning property entrepreneur and strategist, studying horticulture and volunteering for mental health and gardening charities in her spare time. She fully pivoted her career into Nature Therapy and is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio and Journal of Biophilic Design talking about ways to access the healing power of nature.

Along the way, she has also squeezed in developing a Mindfulness coaching business with former Monk and Interfaith chaplain at Imperial College, Karuna Priya and featured in the FT, How to Spend It and the Telegraph, but foremost she says she is a mum, big sister. She set up her first property business, Grenadine Escape, selling land and villas in the West Indies when she was 21 and her daughter was 2 and now 20 years on she is focussing on what was her side hustle… Botanic Shed.