Laura Wilcock

Song Circle 🧙🏽‍♂️

Learn songs to build connection and harmony.

Throughout the ages groups and communities have come together to lift up their voices in song . Science can now confirm what we have felt within ,that singing in groups releases endorphins and has a positive effect on our physical, emotional and mental health.


Laura draws on 25 years of folk singing experience.

Laura spent over 10 years in Britain living as a traveller and itinerant worker, singing around festivals and firesides gathering songs along the way.

After moving to rural France in 2001 with a young family she became the lead singer and Bodhran player for a folk band called ‘The Black Pig’ performing songs and dance music in mainly the Irish ,English ,scottish and French folk traditions .

Back in the UK in 2010 Laura was the vocalist and percussionist for the folk band 

‘Fairfolk’ . At this time she also lead singing assemblies at a primary school incorporating and teaching British sign language to deaf and hearing children.

She joined an international womens choir and  ‘Tune for life’ in 2017 –  singing for a charity which offers remedial music sessions in the community . Clients included dementia care units, the Blind society stroke association and school workshops.

She can now be heard leading song circles at events , ceremonies and sing-arounds and has sung at the opening and closing ceremony of the Medicine festival in recent years.