Lisa Sturley

Crystal Sound Bath 🥣

After a short guided meditation I will be using the vibration and tones of the quartz Crystal singing bowls to guide you to a place for relaxation healing and going within.  As unique beings vibrating and resonating on many frequencies we can experience a range of sensations whilst in a sound bath. These can include an altered state of consciousness.  Energy can often be felt flowing through the body. Insights and visions can drift in and a deep sense of peace and connection. Just relax and drift off to where the sound takes you.

I will be available for individual or paired sessions. When coming to the sound bath you will be asked to lie down. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket if you wish and make yourself cosy.

Lisa is a healer and clairvoyant and a mother to two inspirational girls.  She is passionate about children and young adults who are on the autistic spectrum.