Liv Aires

Sacred Sound Bath

Connect to your inner emotions, work through stagnant energy, ground your body and be present here. This gentle bath will use many different modalities of sacred sound to guide energy through the body. Relax and receive these sacred healing sounds in a beautiful held treatment.

A journey through sound, to balance chakras, release stagnant energy, ground the body and connect to emotions.

Shamanic Drum Journey with Gong

Connect deeper to your body and emotions in this treatment, close your eyes and allow yourself to travel, if the sounds are guiding you to. The intense energy of the shamanic drum with the gong will bring us to a deeper state of consciousness, sinking us into theta state and invoking inner wisdom and magic.

A deeper shamanic journey invoking deeper states of consciousness, inner wisdom and magic.

1:1 Treatments

I will be offering several 1:1 treatments if anyone feels called to explore deeper within themselves with sacred sound.


Liv has been called to healing through frequencies since beginning her career in holistic healing since beginning eight years ago. She now works with sound and light, specifically sound healing. Liv is passionate about sacred sound as a healing modality and is established in Cardiff as a sound healing practitioner.
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