Project Description

Louis Weinstock

Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Meditation Teacher.

Louis has worked with young people for over 20 years. Louis discovered meditation aged 10 when he sat in his bedroom and noticed that he could control his breathing to heal his body. He then quickly forgot this lesson and found himself in various spots of bother as a teenager. He had a turning point aged 17 when he realised he wanted to stop being so selfish, and to focus his life on empowering people on the edges of society. He has done this since, working as a drugs counsellor, a Child Protection social worker, a grief counsellor, and running a therapeutic school for teenagers with complex trauma.

The Magic Power of Grief

Grief is a name for a collection of different feelings we feel at certain moments in life. More often than not, as we grow up a bit, we stop letting ourselves feel this grief, because the society we live in says we should be happy all the time.

But what if grief is actually a source of magic and power?

What if we actually become more alive through our grief?

In this workshop, Louis will use Transpersonal meditation techniques to access certain images and feelings that are hidden deep in our unconscious. As we unlock these hidden treasures, we will come to discover that grief is in fact one of the greatest sources of aliveness, magic and power that exists. It is a great irony, that the more we ignore the reality of death, the more dead we become to the world. In this workshop, we will use a greater opening to the reality of death and the feeling of grief to help you become more alive, compassionate and powerful as you move into adulthood.