Project Description

Lulu Urquhart works with ecological restoration and landscape design, plantswomanship, bio-dynamics in the landscape and intuitive land energy geomancy.  She has her own ecological landscape design studio in Somerset, and is co-founder of the Tree Conference; a global network and conference bringing inspired information about trees and climate science, helping us address the vital incredible role in which trees play on earth in our minds and hearts.

She is an honoured initiate of the Eagle Condor Council, which most immediately engages us to walk in sacred reciprocity and deepen our nature connection.


Offering to the AncestorsGuiding You in Connecting to the Natural World

Sat Oct 31st  11am

Lulu will deepen into offerings to the land and offerings to nature and our ancestors, as a way of further connecting us to the powerful nature spirits and allies around us.

She will also describe some rituals to connect to ancestors that she has learnt and cherishes; including an experience of ancestral medicine and connecting to our healed ones and finding the medicine in our lineages and introduce other simple Samhain traditions to offer respect and acknowledgement to our dear lighted ones gone.


If you feel inclined to join me in making an offering and some ancestral alchemy, please gather a few things around you that will serve an offering from the heart and together we will make some magic;


Some suggestions, follow your intuition:

A cloth or square of baking paper

Foraged leaves

Bowl of water

Stones, rock or pebbles from your land


Oats / barley

Some incense or sweet herbs

A silver coin

A drop of liquor

Flowers if found

Autumn fruits or berries

Some incense or herbs

Tsp honey

Tsp coconut fat or butter in a shell

Any other sprinkle that is completely delicious to you from your kitchen or around you in nature

We can have a candle lit with us for this as a symbol of connection to all plains.